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The City Hall decreed a state of public calamity and mobilized people and resources to support residents who suffered losses. Mineração Paragominas integrates efforts with the municipality and other institutions for emergency aid initiatives. The company has already supplied personal hygiene items, mattresses, among other provisions that were donated to the Social Assistance Secretariat. Employees of Mineração Paragominas have voluntarily mobilized themselves to contribute with donations and assistance to impacted people.

The company is also providing assistance to employees who have been impacted, to some extent, by the floods. The HR and Social Assistance team is mapping the specific needs of each family - part of which had to be accommodated in a city hotel.

Dams of Mineração Paragominas are intact and stable

Mineração Paragominas informs that the integrity of its dams has not been affected by & nbsp; rains in the region. The situation of the mine and dams is stable and has already been made & nbsp; monitoring analyzes that show the safety of the installations. Official documents attesting the integrity and stability of the dam have already been delivered to SEMAS (State Secretariat for the Environment and Sustainability), DNPM (National Department of Mineral Production) and SEMMA (Municipal Secretariat for the Environment). It is important to note that the mine and dams are 70 kilometers away from the center of Paragominas.

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