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The basins that collect the water are prepared to support the rainwater in the deposit, together with the water eliminated by the solid waste deposit. All water is treated and tested to verify that it is within the parameters of the operating license, before being released. Hydro's commitment to safe and environmentally sound operations is universal and absolute.

In order to treat the greater volume of water resulting from heavy rains last week, Hydro Alunorte increased the number of pumps from eight to 13, pumping water from the containment basins of the Solid Waste Deposit (DRS1) to the industrial effluent treatment plant. The volume of treated liquids also increased from approximately 6 thousand cubic meters per hour to approximately 9 thousand cubic meters per hour.

Hydro Alunorte performs online monitoring of the entire process and reports on basin levels daily to the State Secretariat for the Environment and Sustainability. The alumina production at the refinery was not impacted, and internal and external surveys did not find evidence of overflow or leakage of bauxite waste deposits at Hydro Alunorte. Water has been collected, channeled and treated at the industrial effluent treatment plant, as is normally done. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

Due to the heavy rains, Hydro created a specialized task force to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the situation at Hydro Alunorte. The task force aims to establish and verify the facts and circumstances related to the rains, and Hydro will continue to cooperate with the competent authorities in an open and transparent manner in order to facilitate future work and surveys.

Affected local communities

Together with municipal and state authorities, Hydro Alunorte began, on Friday, the 23rd, to distribute drinking water to the communities of Vila Nova, Burajuba and Bom Futuro, to cooperate with communities that were also affected by heavy rains . Hydro also had dialogue meetings with community leaders. & Nbsp;

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