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In his statements, the minister asked that the possibility of an embargo on Hydro Alunorte's activities be evaluated, as a measure against the company. At this time, Hydro is analyzing the statements and their possible process and impact, and will provide more information as soon as possible.

Due to the heavy rains that occurred on February 16 and 17, which led to flooding in the city of Barcarena, there is speculation that a leak from Hydro Alunorte would have caused water contamination. However, there was no evidence of leakage from the deposits of solid bauxite waste.

Hydro is cooperating with the competent authorities in an open and transparent manner to facilitate work with local communities and surveys.

Hydro has created a specialized task force to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the situation at Hydro Alunorte and establish the effect of rain on the operational integrity of bauxite solid waste deposits, including its ability to treat and eliminate excess water, in addition to to analyze and evaluate internal and external data and information related to possible environmental impacts on local communities.

The results will be presented together with a proposal for improvements that aim to support short and long term operations .

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