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Hydro presents innovations at ICSOBA 2018

There will be works that present, among different subjects, improvements in the bauxite refining process, improvements in the production of primary aluminum and technologies to reduce accidents in mining.

Hydro, a global leader and the only company fully integrated in the aluminum sector with operations in Brazil, promotes concepts and new research and innovation techniques through successful cases, which will be presented at the 36th CONFERENCE AND EXHIBITION ICSOBA 2018 (ICSOBA - International Committee for Study of Bauxite, Alumina & Aluminum). The event, which takes place between October 29 and November 1, in Belém (PA), and Hydro's work focuses on excellence and continuous improvement of the operational and environmental performance of the processes of bauxite mining, alumina refining and aluminum production primary.

Participants in the event - scientists, experts, engineers, students and industry analysts - will also be able to visit the company's operations in Pará between November 1st and 2nd and get to know closely the verticalization of the aluminum production chain in Pará. < / p>

The director of technology for Hydro in Brazil, Raphael Costa, is one of the main speakers of this edition, proposing criteria for conceptual design and engineering solutions for new alumina refineries or expansion of existing refineries. Raphael also discusses a methodology for conducting these projects.

ICSOBA is an internationally recognized, non-profit association that brings together professionals from the sector of the main companies producing bauxite, alumina and aluminum, technology suppliers, researchers and consultants from around the world. The association promotes the exchange of ideas and results from the work of different research areas related to the exploration and mining of bauxite and the production of alumina and aluminum. Since 1963, 35 ICSOBA events - symposia, congresses and seminars - have been organized in different parts of the world and the works have been published as printed volumes until 2010, and as electronic archives since then.


Hydro is a global aluminum company with production, sales and commercial activities throughout the production chain, from bauxite mining, alumina refining, power generation to the production of primary aluminum, laminated products, extruded products and recycling.

The company has 35,000 employees involved in activities in more than 50 countries. The company has more than a century of experience in the production of renewable energy, technology development and academic partnerships, always reinforcing its commitment to customers and the communities with which it relates.

In Brazil, Hydro has a fully verticalized aluminum chain and its assets are fully integrated, adding value from bauxite mining to the preparation of finished aluminum products. In Pará, the company has operations that include Hydro Paragominas' bauxite mine; the largest alumina refinery in the world, Hydro Alunorte, located in Barcarena; majority stake in Albras, an aluminum factory also located in Barcarena; and extruded units and precision tubes installed in Itu, São Paulo and Santa Catarina. Hydro also has a 5% shareholding in Mineração Rio do Norte, one of the largest bauxite mines in the world, located in Pará.

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