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The case of monitoring ecological restoration via nucleation applied at Mineração Paragominas will be presented by professor Ademir Reis, who developed the study by the company RAS (Restoration of Systemic Areas), hired by Hydro for this specialized work, on 11/22 at 4:20 pm. The other works will address the advances in innovation achieved through the Brazil-Norway Biodiversity Research Consortium (BRC), which will be exhibited in the banner section created specifically for this event and will be followed up on the spot by the developers to provide all explanations about the theme. & nbsp;

“Hydro's participation in this event aims to show how the joining of forces to share information and knowledge works in practice and what brings concrete results to society and for the companies that are part of the initiative ”, explains Gizélia Matos, Environment Manager at Mineração Paragominas, who is part of the Hydro group. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;

Organized by the Brazilian Society of Ecological Restoration (Sobre), this year's event will be held together with the 10th Brazilian Symposium on Technology on Forest Seeds. The second conference held in the country on the subject seeks to consolidate the science and practice of ecological restoration in Brazil and the integration of the various actors related to this issue. & Nbsp;

The central theme of the conference will be to understand how they can be the practices of scientific experiments - usually on a small scale - were transformed into those practices that allow for scale gains with the quality of ecological restoration. National and international public agendas demonstrate that the topic has already become a priority in Brazil and worldwide. BNDES, Giz and Hydro are sponsors of the event.

Description of the works that will be exhibited by Hydro at the event:

1 - Numbness & nbsp; of solanum paniculatum & nbsp; l (jurubeba)

Denmora Araujo / Hydro / UFRA / BRC

2 - Effects of different doses of controlled release fertilizer on the quality of ingá seedlings

Denmora Araujo / Hydro / UFRA / BRC

3 - Prospecting for entomopathogenic fungi associated with forest species in mining areas, Eastern Amazon

Rita de Cássia Santa Brígida Santos; Jéssy Anni Vilhena Senado; Selma Toyoko Ohashi Santos; Gracialda Costa Ferreira / Hydro / UFRA / BRC

4 - Chemical attributes in soils under recovery after Bauxite Mining, Paragominas-pa

Jéssy Anni Vilhena Senado / Hydro / UFRA / BRC

5 - Monitoring of ecological restoration via nucleation applied in Paragominas S / A mining, Pará, Brazil.

Ademir Reis / RAS - Restoration of Systemic Areas
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