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Norsk Hydro, a global leader and the only 360º company in the aluminum sector operating in Brazil, presents 10 cases at the 8th International Aluminum Congress, which takes place jointly with Expo Alumínio 2018 between September 3 and 5, in São Paulo. Company leaders present and debate new concepts for continuous modernization of the entire chain that are applied in their operations in the country and in the world, such as new ways to reduce the generation of waste, development of pioneering programs for interventions in plants and machinery and techniques for production of new designs and shapes of aluminum alloys for different industries.

Visitors to the company's stand, located at the entrance to pavilion 2 of the São São Paulo Expo, where the event takes place, can learn about all the industrial strength of the company's vertical chain - which starts at the bauxite mine until production of extruded profiles and recycling - through interactive screens that show operational details and present the units in Brazil: Alunorte, Albras and Mineração Paragominas, located in Pará, and the extruded plants in São Paulo and Santa Catarina.

“We consider this one of the most important events to reinforce the strategic use of aluminum as an element for industrial development, continuous innovation and product modernization. This is an opportunity to build relationships with customers, dialogue with suppliers and present our portfolio and our contribution to the development of the industry in Brazil. Hydro generates more than 8 thousand jobs in the country, in addition to investing more than R $ 10 billion in recent years and promoting annual purchases from suppliers in the order of R $ 920 million ”, analyzes John Thuestad, Executive Vice President of Bauxita & amp; Hydro's Alumina in Brazil. & Nbsp;

The company is one of the main sponsors of the event, which in addition to the exhibition and the Aluminum Congress, will also present Casa do Alumínio, a space with multimedia content for interviews, testimonials, art production, timeline and processes of recycling. Public schools can visit the space to learn sustainability concepts and best environmental practices. & Nbsp;

Industry 4.0 and successful cases

Hydro will participate in the 8th International Aluminum Congress, which takes place together with Expo Alumínio, through lectures and presentations by Brazilian and foreign professionals & nbsp; focusing on innovation, technological trends, products for the automotive sector and machining. There are ten works among technical cases, sectorial analysis and new management and process methodologies.

On the first day (03.09), Norsk Hydro's Technology leader, Hans Erik Vatne, explains in Auditorium A, from 2:30 pm, that, for the company, Industry 4.0 is not just about selling platforms and digital solutions, but use online opportunities and solutions to improve productivity, cost, safety and environmental footprint. Automation, real-time connectivity, intelligent sensors, advanced analysis and machine learning are some of the initiatives that the company is putting into practice in the units around the world.

On the 4th and 5th of September, Hydro will present nine papers at the Congress covering various topics, such as innovation, productivity and safety.

About Norsk Hydro

Hydro is a global aluminum company with production, sales and commercial activities throughout the production chain, from bauxite mining, alumina refining, power generation to the production of primary aluminum, laminated products, extruded products and recycling.

The company has 35,000 employees involved in activities in more than 50 countries. The company has more than a century of experience in the production of renewable energy, technology development and academic partnerships, always reinforcing its commitment to customers and the communities with which it relates.

In Brazil, Hydro has a fully verticalized aluminum chain and its assets are fully integrated, adding value from bauxite mining to the preparation of finished aluminum products. In Pará, the company has operations that include Hydro Paragominas' bauxite mine; the largest alumina refinery in the world, Hydro Alunorte, located in Barcarena; majority stake in Albras, an aluminum factory also located in Barcarena; and extruded units and precision tubes installed in Itu, São Paulo and Santa Catarina. Hydro also has a 5% shareholding in Mineração Rio do Norte, one of the largest bauxite mines in the world, located in Pará.


Date: 3 to 5 September 2018
Venue: São Paulo Expo Exhibition & amp; Convention Center | São Paulo - SP
Address: Rodovia dos Imigrantes, km 1.5 - Vila Água Funda, São Paulo - SP
Hydro stand location: C10 (near the entrance of Expo São Paulo.

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