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Brandtzæg also designated that an independent evaluation be carried out at Alunorte, which will be carried out by an internationally renowned environmental consultancy. He also announced measures to give all necessary support to the local communities of Barcarena and implemented a project to reassess and make improvements to the Alunorte water treatment plant, which will be led by Silvio Porto, former director of Bauxita & amp; Alumina.

“The challenging situation at Alunorte requires a dedicated focus and structure, which go beyond operational skills and capabilities,” said CEO Svein Richard Brandtzæg. “I am sure that Kallevik is prepared to assume this important responsibility and that Silvio Porto will lead this important project to carry out the environmental improvements that are necessary at Alunorte”.

Eivind Kallevik was chief financial officer for Bauxite & amp; Alumina in Brazil for two years before assuming the position of corporate financial director in 2013. He also led the B & amp; A business area in 2016, on an interim basis.

After a period of heavy rains, federal, state and local authorities in Brazil established a series of measures expressing concern about the possibility that the rains caused spills from Alunorte to the Pará River, causing contamination. These measures include a 50% reduction in production at Alunorte and suspension of bauxite waste disposal operations in DRS2.

The independent analysis of the environmental consultancy will announce its conclusions and recommendations in the first week of April. The analyzes complement the actions of the specialized task force that is already leading a comprehensive study on Alunorte, reporting directly to the CEO.

Hydro collaborates with local humanitarian aid institutions to help the communities of Barcarena on health and water issues. For the neighboring communities Vila Nova, Burajuba and Bom Futuro, Hydro is committed to working with local partners and investing in water supply. Hydro is also committed to working with the community, civil society and the government to clarify the sources of water pollution and other water-related problems in the Barcarena region.

Hydro will also reevaluate and make improvements to Alunorte's water treatment system as a proactive response to possible future climate changes. This project will be led by Silvio Porto, reporting to Kallevik.

Hydro is the largest aluminum company in South America, since it acquired Vale's aluminum assets in the state of Pará in 2011. Alunorte is the largest alumina refinery in the world, directly employing around 2,000 people and has a nominal capacity of 6.3 million tons / year. Hydro owns 92.1% of Alunorte.

Facts about the situation at Hydro Alunorte

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