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Registration for the selection process of "Jovem Talento 2020" Program - the Albras and Alunorte Young Apprentice Program - is open from October 14th to November 2nd, 2019.

In this edition, around 230 vacancies are offered to Alunorte and Albras. The selection is aimed at young people aged 18 to 22, completed by March 16th, 2020, who live in the Pará municipalities of Barcarena or Abaetetuba.

Applicants must have completed high school, availability to take the course with a daily workload of 8h and have not been previously selected by the program. To sign up for "Jovem Talento 2020" please access "Carees" section here at start page, then click on "vacancies".

It is recommended that participants read the instructions on the online application.

Upon registration, it is mandatory to attach the curriculum, proof of residency, proof of completion of high school, identity document and identification sheet of the work permit. After applying online, applicants receive a confirmation email.

The selection process is divided into five steps. The first has online tests, the second candidates undergo psychotechnical evaluation and writing; and in the third a group dynamics is performed. The fourth step is the strength test phase. The selection is finalized by performing the exams that make up the Occupational Health Certificate (ASO).

In 2020, the program will feature external technical training offered in conjunction with SENAI, the National Industrial Learning Service, for six months, and internal training at Alunorte and Albras, also for six months. The program lasts for one year, with compensation and benefits offered commensurate with market values, and those selected should begin work in March 2020.

Jovem Talento has been carried out by Hydro since 2011, with the objective of contributing to the qualification of young people from the communities surrounding its units. This is the second time the company promotes selection process valid for Alunorte and Albras. In the 2019 edition, 125 people participated in the program in both companies.

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