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During the hearing, the Public Prosecutor's Office and Alunorte presented information regarding the progress of the assessment that is being made by technical experts on the reports of SEMAS / FADESP and ATECEL / University of Campina Grande (UFCG), which concluded that the Alunorte can safely resume normal operations.

Once the conclusions of the UFCG and SEMAS were confirmed by the experts, the Public Ministry committed itself to submit a petition to the Federal Court in Belém, confirming that it would not oppose the removal of the Alunorte production embargo. The experts' analysis is expected to be completed in April.

Judge Arthur Pinheiro Chaves, from the 9th Federal Court, scheduled a new conciliation hearing for April 12, at 3 pm, where he will have the opportunity to hear the technical experts who are analyzing the studies of UFCG and SEMAS. However, it is not possible to determine the period within which the court will take its decision.

"We are in a process of constructive dialogue with the Public Ministry, demonstrating that Alunorte is safe for the environment and for the population of Barcarena", says John Thuestad, Executive Vice President of the Bauxita & amp; Hydro's alumina. Alunorte continues to work to find a way to resume activities in its bauxite waste deposit area, DRS2, and its normal operations.

Alunorte is fulfilling all commitments signed in the TAC signed with MPF, MPPA and the State Government of Pará, represented by SEMAS.

Internal and external studies, including inspections by authorities, confirmed that there was no overflow or leakage from Alunorte's Bauxite Waste Deposits during the extreme rains of February 2018.

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