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Assistance to people mapped to receive a food card in Barcarena starts in May

It is the second service phase for the benefit provided for in the Conduct Adjustment Term. Public is formed by people who received letters with instructions on dates, times and places for delivery of the necessary documents

Atendimento aos moradores da Comunidade Bom Futuro, em Barcarena
Atendimento aos moradores da Comunidade Bom Futuro, em Barcarena

This Wednesday, 1/5, the second phase of assistance to people who prove their residence in the Murucupi basin region in Barcarena (PA), in February 2018, begins. The evidence will enable residents previously mapped to receive the temporary social benefit, better known as the food card, as established in the Conduct Adjustment Term (TAC) signed by Hydro, Alunorte, the Government of Pará and the State Prosecutor's Office of Pará (MPPA) and the Federal Public Prosecutor (MPF), in September 2018.

In this second stage, which continues until 20/5, 18 types of documents will be accepted as proof of residence (see list of documents) , with dates between September 2017 and March 2018.

The mapped residents were previously informed by letter about the two fixed points for delivering the documentation, both located in Vila dos Cabanos, always with opening hours from 8 am to 7 pm. The information was passed from house to house, by the teams of Práxis, a company with about 30 years in the market and which has been a partner of Alunorte since the first phase.

More than 8,000 letters with information about the process and service locations were delivered by hand and approximately 4,000 were left in the mailboxes of the mapped residents. Only 6% of the total of 13,000 letters expected to be delivered in this second stage were returned for reasons such as refusal, abandoned houses or undeveloped land.

Whoever has not received the letters should go to service points in the communities

Whoever did not receive the letter was also mapped out with the support of community leaders. For these people, a documentation delivery schedule was established at different points, which will work within the communities, according to the calendar available here .

About the second phase - Part of the service process for this second phase, previously mapped people who have not yet received the food card, either due to inconsistencies in relation to documents, because they refuse to participate in the first phase, or because they are absent when teams passed their properties.

In the first phase, 4,710 food cards were delivered to the family units surveyed and considered eligible to receive the benefit.

Alunorte remains committed to ensuring that all family units previously mapped in the survey have access to the food card and are able to meet the criteria established in the TAC.


Elena Brito Pantoja

Elena Brito Pantoja

Communication and Public Affairs

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