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After just over a year of dialogues, training and active listening, Hydro, the financier of the Sustainable Barcarena Initiative (IBS), provides new technical support for the platform. In response to the wishes of the participants, as of November 2019, an Executive Secretariat will act with a practical, constructive and focused approach to project development.

The Sustainable Barcarena Initiative was launched in April 2018, committing to invest around R $ 100 million in social actions in Barcarena. Since then, around 100 people from the region and institutions have been involved in building a new moment for the municipality.

Based on collaboration and the prioritization defined by the community itself, working groups were created focusing on the most relevant themes according to the participants' perception: Water and Environment; Education, Employment and Income; Culture, sport and leisure. Priorities emerged from these meetings, which can now be put into practice. “We understand that the construction in this first phase was very productive, we have evolved in understanding and developing priorities. Now we know the main needs and we feel ready to offer this more practical approach, which could take us to the second step ”, explains Hydro's senior social responsibility manager, Luana Carvalhosa.

A new team was hired to compose the Executive Secretariat, which has the role of stimulating the continuity and long-term implementation of a significant change in the social development of Barcarena. The team will bring, as of November 2019, a positive mix between professionals with international experience and professionals with knowledge of the local reality.

Hydro is a financier and participant in the Sustainable Barcarena Initiative, which will continue to maintain the independence of choice and decision autonomy of the most relevant themes, following the commitment assumed by the company in 2018.


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