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Equipment contributes to family farming in Barcarena

Three tractors were donated by Hydro to SEMAGRI for income from local producers

A doação dos tratores é uma contribuição da empresa para o fortalecimento da agricultura em Barcarena
A doação dos tratores é uma contribuição da empresa para o fortalecimento da agricultura em Barcarena

The Municipal Secretariat of Agriculture of Barcarena (Semagri) received, this Friday (07), the donation of three tractors and agricultural implements, which will be integrated into the “Mecaniza Barcarena” project. Machinery was donated by Hydro, with the aim of contributing to actions to promote family farming. The “Mecaniza Barcarena” initiative supports producers in preparing the land, and is open for registration for family farmers in the region until June 30th.

The donation is a contribution of the company to the strengthening of agriculture, a fundamental activity for the economy of the municipality of Barcarena (PA). “We hope that with the donation SEMAGRI will increase its capacity to serve local producers. The machinery will assist in preparing the soil, in addition to reducing the physical effort of farmers, eliminating the use of fire in preparing the area, avoiding losses of soil nutrients and avoiding burning. ”, Said Luana Carvalhosa, Senior Manager of Social Programs at Hydro .

Social programs support agriculture in Barcarena

The donation is part of Hydro's partnership with SEMAGRI in the “Ativa Barcarena” project, carried out by Hydro and executed by the Peabiru Institute, with scientific support from the Federal Rural University of the Amazon (UFRA). The initiative offers information and technical guidance for improving the agricultural activities of the communities.

In the first phase, the program collected soil samples in 300 areas of rural producers in nine communities to analyze fertility and soil quality. Field days were also held on fish farming, chicken farming and guidance on fertilizing and soil correction. Farmers from the Arienga Estrada and Cruzeiro communities are already part of the Mecaniza Barcarena program.

Another project developed in Barcarena by Alunorte and implemented by the Entrepreneurship Center of the Amazon is Amesa, which supports 250 family farmers, from 24 communities in the municipality, for the sustainable inclusion of their products in the local market (supermarket, hotels, industrial kitchens) , among others). This action, accompanied by Semagri and the Secretariat for Industry, Commerce and Tourism (Seicomtur), also has the support of the Chamber of Shopkeepers (CDL).

The initiative included a diagnosis to analyze the regional situation of supply (farmers) and demand (private markets), elaboration of a plan for excellence in productive and entrepreneurial management. Training was carried out on two thematic axes: agricultural techniques and agricultural businesses. Having completed the initial Amesa modules, the current phase is for farmers to get closer to entrepreneurs to encourage the purchase of their products through a digital platform with the same name as the project.


Elena Brito Pantoja

Elena Brito Pantoja

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