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The 1st Shark River brought together Pará startups at Hydro's headquarters in Belém on Wednesday, 26. Held in partnership with Associação Paraense de Tecnologia & amp; Innovation - at Açai Valley, the event brought together representatives of eight startups from the segments of finance, industrial, social, people management and services with leaders and professionals from the Bauxita & amp; Alumina (B & amp; A) from Hydro. The objective was to foster innovation in Pará by consolidating startups as providers of digital solutions for the industry.

The event model provided each startup with a 10-minute presentation - known as “pitches” - which contemplated business proposals to Hydro representatives. Startups also needed to explain and prove, among various topics, how is their business and management model, technical capacity, market specialty, in addition to the stage of development in which they are: Ideation (concept of solution not yet tested with customers), MVP - Minimum Viable Product (already have a product tested with a customer) and Traction (already selling product on the market).

Representantes das startups apresentaram propostas de negócios para profissionais da Hydro
Representantes das startups apresentaram propostas de negócios para profissionais da Hydro

“This first joint action with Açaí Valley is relevant because startups are at the forefront of developing innovative business models and solutions. Startups are often able to generate insights and technological products much faster and more assertively than large organizations. Hydro still considers it strategic that this relationship with Pará's digital ecosystems enriches its professionals and organizational culture ”, analyzes Daniel Moraes, Hydro's Senior Digital Transformation Manager. & nbsp; & nbsp;

"The event is an extremely important opportunity to connect startups with the real demands of the industry, where they have a chance to generate business. Açaí Valley seeks to leverage the entrepreneurial ecosystem and accelerate startups in the North region , disseminating knowledge and generating connections. Having highly qualified Hydro professionals evaluating startups' products or services to scale their respective potentials for national competitiveness is gratifying for our association ", analyzes Kamila Brito, Vice President of Açaí Valley.


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