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Based on the claim that part of DRS1 and DRS 2 would be in an area for environmental protection, the MPPA recommended the removal of part of these deposits. Hydro clarifies that its properties are within the Industrial Zone of Barcarena, according to the Municipal Master Plan, developed with the participation of authorities and civil society, in the years 2006 and 2016.

The activities are duly licensed by the competent environmental authority in an industrial zone.

Alunorte recognizes that an industrial operation has impacts, but establishes strict standards for control, monitoring and prevention to ensure that impacts on the environment and communities are mitigated. Alunorte preserves a large area of land that is maintained as a belt between its operations and the community.

Sustainability is one of Hydro and Alunorte's priorities and companies are committed to respecting and supporting the human rights of all individuals potentially affected by their operations. Its commitment to respecting Human Rights is enshrined in Hydro's Human Rights Policy.

The company assesses and monitors the development of human rights issues in the local communities where it operates and in its supply chain. The most recent Human Rights Impact Mapping was carried out in 2017. In situations where risks of human rights violations are identified, efforts are made to mitigate, prevent, treat and remedy possible adverse impacts, as recommended in the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

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