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From September 23th, undergraduate students from different courses can apply for internship vacancies at Hydro units in Pará (Paragominas mine, Alunorte, Albras and for the corporate office in Belém) and in Rio de Janeiro. The applications for the Infinite Talent program will be accepted until October 20th. To apply, the candidate must be studing from the 4th semester on, with graduation expected from 2021. In addition, the cadidate needs to study at night shift or have availability to change time at your educational institution. In total there are approximately 60 internship vacancies.

It will be accepted applications of students from the following courses: Business Administration, Systems Analyst, Computer Science, Accounting, Social Sciences, Foreign Trade, Communications, Law, Economics, Engineering, Statistics, Geography, Geology, Journalism, Degree in Chemistry. Marketing, Psychology, Advertising, Industrial Chemistry, International Relations, Public Relations, Insurance, Information Systems, Information Technology, among others. In this edition of Infinite Talent, the selected young people will join the units in 2020.

Applications will be online, here on the Hydro website. The tests in the subjects of English and Logical Thinking will also happen online.

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Three steps of selection

The second stage of the selection, called "Fit Cultural", will be used to define the affinity of candidates with Hydro's values. The third stage will be a lecture and dynamic event to finalize the selection of new talent, with the participation of leaders from the companies that will accompany the interns.

According to Douglas Ruozzi, Hydro's Director of Human Resources, interns are one of the audiences benefited by the company's strategy to develop new talents. “The Infinite Talent was robustly structured, seeking to contribute effectively to the development of these young people, including training, mentoring, monthly meetings with HR, among other actions,” he comments.

The program reaches its second edition after the success of the first class of 60 young people who graduated in August with great achievments. Two interns are among the finalists in the Evaldo Lodi Institute (IEL) regional award category and the Infinite Talent Program itself is a finalist of the same award in the “Best Internship Program” category. “It is with the 'fruits harvested' in the first class and with the expectation of recognition in the IEL award that Hydro opens the registrations for the second edition of the Infinite Talent Program. The company seeks to be recognized as the best internship program in the country, as well as strengthening ties with universities, ”adds Douglas Ruozzi.


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