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With simultaneous lectures, the Ethos Conference program involved twelve panels, focused on public policies, economics, environment and integrity initiatives. Associated with the Ethos Institute and sponsor of all editions of the conference in Belém, Hydro had representatives in several panels of the event, held on November 28, at the Hangar Convention Center of the Amazon, in Belém (PA).

Hydro's Project Director, Eduardo Figueiredo, took part in the panel with the theme “Urbanization in the Amazon: accelerating microcosms, sanitation, imbalances and social conflicts”, where he spoke about the Sustainable Barcarena Initiative (IBS), which consists at the meeting of various social actors, including Hydro, to promote and accelerate the necessary changes in the municipality.

“Our goal is to provide an effective dialogue that promotes the engagement of sectors of society to build a shared and agreed development agenda. This agenda should identify the main challenges for the development of Barcarena, prioritizing lines of financing, themes and solutions. So far, work, employment and income, and water quality have been identified as the most relevant themes, ”he explained. Last year, Hydro made a commitment to contribute R $ 100 million, over a period of ten years, to projects that meet the priorities indicated by IBS.

Hydro also participated in the panels: "The challenge and the ecosystem for aluminum traceability", with the senior manager of the Management System, Silene Vendrasco; "Corporate leadership and a culture of integrity in companies in the Amazon", with Compliance Manager, Carlos Fraga; and "Small business systems connected with biodiversity and the local reality", with the participation of Hydro's senior manager of Social Programs, Luana Carvalhosa - in the latter it was possible to highlight the private social investment that has been made by Hydro in Pará.

“The company has implemented several social programs, among them in the areas of agriculture and youth entrepreneurship, in which we raise awareness among local actors and contribute to the development of communities for the elaboration and management of business plans. Our commitment is to create a more viable society, and we know that valuing local production chains and generating income is one of the tools for reducing inequality, ”he says.

Hydro's Sustainability Director, Domingos Campos, participated in the closing panel of the Conference: "Convergence and synergy of socio-environmental and business partnerships across the Amazon".

This was the third edition of the Ethos 360º Conference in the capital of Pará, which also dealt with topics related to the sharing of benefits with traditional and extractive communities, environmental services provided by the forest, organized crime in the region, threats to isolated peoples and the convergence of socio-environmental and business partnerships, among others.

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