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Hydro won, on September 5th, the award for Best Supplier Development Case, in the edition 2019 of the REDES Development Awards. It is the second consecutive year that the company receives this award on this category. Held by REDES - Economic Innovation and Sustainability and System Federation of Industries of the State of Pará - FIEPA, the awards is held since 2011 in order to recognize the efforts of companies in favor of the state economy.

This year Hydro was also in second place in the Absolutus category, which reached purchasing volume in 2018, and among the three finalists in the Professional Purchasing of the Year category, represented by the employee Carolina Varkala. “These awards show Hydro's serious commitment to the development of our state's industry, communities and economy. Most qualified suppliers will boost larger markets in industries of diverse segments. And, as a result, it will generate more wealth and more jobs in Pará,” says Carlos Neves, Hydro's Bauxite & Alumina Chief Operating Officer.

To elaborate the winning case, in partnership with the company Movimento, it was necessary to have training focused on managing people, products and processes that improved the supplier's performance, that has been serving Hydro in Barcarena (PA) for the past 15 years. “These improvements resulted in a 70% increase in our supplier's staff ”, comments Carlos Neves.

Movimento operates in the leasing of machinery and equipment for earthmoving, civil works and port operations services. The manager Marinaldo Correia informs that the company currently has 450 employees. “About 80% of our operations are focused on Hydro. When we started the work of improvements promoted by Hydro, we did not imagine how intense and aggregating our activities would be. We have optimized our entire operation, after identifying the bottlenecks especially in the maintenance area, allowing us to have greater availability of machinery and equipment for all our customers, ”he explains.

Marinaldo Correia also points out that Hydro encourages its suppliers to act with social and environmental responsibility in the provision of services, becoming another competitive advantage of companies in the market. “We have improved our relationship with the Barcarena community, and that was also a result of this partnership,” he says.


Annually, REDES and Fiepa recognize the performance of the 13 companies that maintain the supplier development program. The categories of the award are: Absolutus (amount of purchases in Pará), Percentum (percentage of purchases considering the volume of the year), Purchasing Professional of the Year and Supplier Development Case.

“We have to celebrate the evolution of REDES. We are 19 years mediating between suppliers and large projects, that seek to grow with respect, compliance and looking at their surroundings, "assures José Conrado, president of Fiepa. For him, the society of Pará needs to be aware that the tax waiver to encourage the establishment of companies returns to the state, as job and income generation.


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