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The national stage of the IEL Award, granted by the Euvaldo Lodi Institute, will have representatives from Pará. This week, Hydro was awarded in the state stage as a “Large Company of Distinction”, for maintaining the best practices of attraction, development and retaining interns. In addition, Izabella Rendeiro, a student of Process Engineering at the Federal University of Pará (UFPA), was recognized as an “Outstanding Intern” for the project developed during her internship at Alunorte, in Barcarena, and will also compete in the national stage of the award.

“It is an indescribable feeling to receive the award and to be able to represent Hydro on behalf of all the interns”, celebrated Izabella. Ana Carolina Amaral, an intern at Albras, also had the project recognized, reaching third place in the same category.

The state stage award ceremony took place on October 3, at the Federation of Industries of the State of Pará (Fiepa), in Belém. “We are very happy with the Award because it consolidates all development, training and training of Para labor and these interns could be the future managers of our company ”, assesses Douglas Ruozzi, Human Resources director at Hydro.

The national winners will be announced next November.

Registration open for the next class

Until October 20, undergraduate students in various courses can apply for internships in the "Talento Infinito" program at Hydro units in Pará (Mineração Paragominas, Alunorte, Albras and for the corporate office in Belém) and at Rio de Janeiro.

To apply, the university student must take courses from the 4th semester, or one year before graduation. In addition, you need to study on the night shift or be available for time changes at your educational institution. In total, there are approximately 60 internship vacancies.

Applications will be accepted from undergraduate students in Business Administration, Systems Analyst, Computer Science, Accounting Sciences, Social Sciences, Foreign Trade, Social Communication, Accounting, Law, Economics, Engineering, Statistics, Geography, Geology, Journalism, Licenciatura in Chemistry, Marketing, Psychology, Advertising and Propaganda, Industrial Chemistry, International Relations, Public Relations, Insurance, Information Systems, Information Technology, among others.

In this edition of Talento Infinito, the young people selected will join the units in 2020.

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