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“From the moment we were here and the information was placed in a very calm and accessible way, we were able to learn about the dams process, how they work, and see that they do not pose a risk to the Paragominas community.” The speech by Moniely Fidalgo, president of the Municipal Union of Associations of Residents of Paragominas (UMAMP), illustrates how the mine has achieved the objective of showing society that its dams are stable, safe and intact. UMAMP was one of eight groups of visitors who have been at Mineração since the beginning of February, when the company received a visit agenda with a special focus on dams, maintaining a commitment to transparency and dialogue with society.

Over 30 days, Mineração Paragominas showed the operation of its dams to 210 visitors from different segments of society. In addition to UMAMP, an entity composed of 35 affiliated associations and representing residents of all neighborhoods in the urban area of the municipality, council members, civil servants from the municipal departments, family members of the employees, the press, Civil Defense, the Military Police and the deputy were also at the mine. Mayor of Paragominas, Mozimeire Costa.

For Thiago Marchezi, general manager of the Technical Area who also receives visitors, one of the differentials of the action is the company's proactivity. “At a time when people were crying out for information about dams, we anticipated and opened the company's doors to society and the authorities, aiming to show that our dams are safe. We do not aim to send a ready message, but to pass on the information so that visitors create their own perceptions. The return has been positive and people are having proof of the safe operations of our dams ”, highlights the manager.

Visits are conducted or supported by geotechnical professionals from the mine, which guarantees participants the most appropriate clarification on all doubts related to the dams. “I want to congratulate the whole team for giving the information in a very direct and clear way. As a community leader, I will take the following sentence to the community: Hydro is a safe company, which transmits information transparently and the information we are able to capture on this visit is that there is no risk. We were able to not only listen, but also to personally detect how this whole security process works and everyone can be safe ”, points out Luciana Monteiro, community leader in the Laércio Cabeline neighborhood.

For the leaders associated with UMAMP, the visit was an opportunity to gather the correct information that will be multiplied with the population of Paragominas, bringing tranquility to the residents. “Those rumors that the dam could overflow or burst, we saw that it doesn't have that possibility because the dams are safe and the geographical issue gives us that advantage. The company gave us all the guidance and we found out by going to the dams and checking their safety ”, observes Ezequias Ferreira, from the Neighborhood Association of Bairro Morada Verde. “What we can take from this visit is that the entire storage process for liquids and solids generated here is 100% safe. Today, we left with this certainty that the whole process we saw is safe. We are calm about the security that the company offers our population ”, adds João Batista Martins, representative of the Flamboyant neighborhood.

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