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The Federal Public Ministry (MPF) and the company Alunorte are working together to also seek to provide food cards to families residing in February 2018 in the Murucupi River basin, in Barcarena (PA), which were not mapped in a survey carried out at the end of last year to comply with the Conduct Adjustment Term (TAC) between the MPF, Alunorte, Hydro, the Public Ministry of the State of Pará and the state government.

The mapping allowed that since the end of 2018 15,701 food cards have already been delivered. These mapped families were registered in service locations informed in letters delivered to the homes. Families who did not receive correspondence and who reported being able to prove that they lived in the Murucupi River basin in February 2018 were registered at the so-called mobile points, and the role of MPF and Hydro aims to ensure that these families also receive the cards, provided that proof of residency is valid.

As most of the proof of residency submitted by unmapped families were statements issued by public health officials, the MPF will request that the municipality of Barcarena and the secretariat municipal health department provide information that allows a complete check of the documents presented.

Alunorte requested a complementary proposal from the supplier responsible for the registration to assess the costs and the possibility of mapping visits to the addresses informed by the families registered at the mobile points to check residences.

TAC established a total investment by Alunorte of R $ 65 million in food cards, including administrative expenses for mapping and registering families and delivering cards.


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