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Another sports court was revitalized in Barcarena (PA) by Volunteers in Action, this time in the Burajuba Community. 58 employees from Albras and Alunorte, from the Hydro group, and 43 family members participated in the initiative. The “Volunteers in Action” program supports activities and projects in the areas of the environment, education, health, citizenship and income generation in the region. This action is part of Hydro's social responsibility strategy to strengthen local communities and their respective institutions. The place also received a social space for children - colored and produced with materials applied in the solid waste workshop, held on May 18 for the community -, as well as a kiosk for the commercialization and exhibition of regional food products.

The revitalization of the Burajuba block should benefit approximately 400 families and will already be used directly by 24 of them, who participate in the “Trilhando Caminhos” program, promoted by Alunorte, which already operates in the communities of Bom Futuro, Vila Nova, Burajuba, Murucupi and Águas Verdes with classes from the sports and cultural centers. The space will also be used by the Social Assistance Secretariat of Barcarena (Semas) to carry out activities with the community.

The inauguration of the space was celebrated with recreational and sports activities for children and young people. A space for guidance and health care was set up and provided assistance and children from the Trilhando Caminhos project presented themselves, occasion when they received school kits as an incentive and commitment from Hydro to education. The volunteers also planted six specimens of pink ipe around the court to promote environmental comfort and assist in shading the area.

a group of people playing a sport

In addition, the action delivered certificates to 23 participants from the Burajuba community - such as housewives and extractive farmers - who participated in the food handling and reuse workshop, held in October 2018, focusing on teaching best practices in the use of vegetables and fruits for daily food and the development of homemade cuisine. There was also an exhibition and sale of food produced by the community at a kiosk built to revitalize the court.

This is the fifth space delivered by “Volunteers in Action”. More than 450 volunteers from the companies were involved in the recovery of similar areas for the communities of Vila Nova, Murucupi, Águas Verdes and Bom Futuro. The entire revitalization process, according to the local infrastructure, can be completed in 6 to 8 months.

This action is part of Hydro's commitment to improving the quality of life and leisure of communities close to its plants. It is also important to highlight that the revitalization of these spaces arises from the “Social Dialogue” program, when the company seeks to understand and develop joint solutions that meet the demands of the population, following principles of sustainability that provide the development of a viable society. < / p>


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