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Young entrepreneurs learn about business models in Barcarena, Pará

The objective of the Embarca Amazônia 360º program is to build sustainable businesses that promote the growth of Barcarena and a more viable society for all.

Manoel Silva apresentou aos participantes do grupo de Biodiversidade os frutos e ervas da Amazônia.
Manoel Silva apresentou aos participantes do grupo de Biodiversidade os frutos e ervas da Amazônia.

The EmBarca Amazônia 360º Program has reached its second phase in which the participants get to know Barcarena's production chains (“Ideação”). In this stage, 45 young entrepreneurs selected in the “Awakening” phase make visits to & nbsp; three & nbsp; productive chains mapped by the program: & nbsp; & nbsp; Tourism, Biodiversity and Açaí.

Organized by Hydro and implemented by the Entrepreneurship Center of the Amazon, the program aims to develop entrepreneurial education actions for young people between 18 and 29 years old, in Barcarena, Pará. Divided into three stages, the initiative has already held three events of “ Awakening ”, a moment dedicated to improving ideas, entrepreneurial skills and discovering personal and professional potential that can be applied in sustainable businesses.

On May 4th, the project promoted a field visit to the São Gregório community, in Barcarena (PA), to introduce the participants of the initiative to the operation of the production and processing of açaí in the region.

A group of 15 young entrepreneurs got to know the activities of açaí producers in the community, who are part of the Association of Rural Producers of Açaí de Barcarena (Asprab). Participants were encouraged to identify opportunities and challenges within the açaí chain and to reflect on business ideas in the area.

Tourism and Biodiversity - & nbsp; Before, on April 27, members of groups focused on Tourism and Biodiversity visited the Orlando Maloca, a business located on the banks of the Arapari River, and the Manuel da Silva, better known as Seu Xiba, in the Bom Jardim Community, where he maintains a sustainable business in the area of biodiversity. & Nbsp;

The group focused on the analysis of the tourism chain visited Maloca do Orlando, a project initiated by riverside Orlando de Castro Leão on the banks of the Arapari River, 23 years ago. In the beginning, with only two tables and a longhouse raised with the help of neighbors, “your” Orlando - as it is known by customers - evolved into a space that today has facilities such as Wi-Fi connection, speedboat for transporting customers and wharf with natural water pool.

“We have to do the best we can. If you don't, another one comes and does it better than you. There are no big secrets, it's working properly ”, advises Orlando, who has already had his establishment visited by famous chefs, such as the Brazilian Alex Atala and the Spanish Ferran Adrià.

 Jovens de Barcarena durante visita à

The family of the young entrepreneur Kaellen Ribeiro owns land on the banks of the São Francisco River, in Barcarena, and she has always wanted to set up a business in space. For Kaellen, knowing the experience of “his” Orlando reinforced the desire to remove the business idea for her family from the field of possibilities. And participation in the program was fundamental to this vision. “With EmBarca, I saw that we can find ways to undertake on our land in a sustainable way. It is a learning opportunity ”, he explains.

A few kilometers away from the Arapari River, already on the Guajará River, the group focused on Biodiversity visited the property of “your” Xiba, in the Bom Jardim community. In a morning immersion in the trails in native forest, the young people got to know fruits and plants used by old riverside people for food and healing. “In the past, access to doctors was difficult and everyone used only herbs to heal themselves. I showed young people this potential that we are letting go of, ”explains“ Seu ”Xiba, who works to promote Amazonian fruits and herbs at events in Pará and in the southeast of the country.

The Ideation phase is the moment aimed at validating or even changing the business plan for young entrepreneurs. On May 11, the three focus groups & nbsp; will present their business plans. “EmBarca Amazônia 360º is part of Hydro's actions to promote a positive social impact in Barcarena. We want to stimulate social transformation in the territories where we operate and be an increasingly reliable partner for the communities surrounding our operations ", says Hydro social program manager Luana Carvalhosa.

Embarca Amazônia 360º counts on the support of the Municipality of Barcarena, ODS Networks Barcarena, Secretariat of Industry, Commerce and Tourism (Seicomtur), Pará State University (UEPA), IEPAM Educational Group and Cruzeiro do Sul Virtual - Distance education.


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