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As a result of Hydro's employees’ engagement, the Volunteers in Action Program has raised the amount of R$ 150,000, which is being donated to social institutions that benefit people in social vulnerability in municipalities in Pará and Rio de Janeiro. In order to continue the donations even with the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, in April, the initiative – that involves Hydro, Albras employees, contractors and family members – launched an online platform to receive the donations.

The volunteer program aims to support institutions that promote improvement in the life quality of children, the elderly and people with special needs. With the campaign, 15 institutions that operate in the cities of Barcarena, Paragominas, Belém and Rio de Janeiro were benefited with donations of R$10,000.00 for each entity. In collaboration with the initiative and seeking to strengthen the partner institutions, Hydro was willing to complement the amount collected via the platform, which was R$ 25,000, totaling R$ 150,000.

The campaign is a volunteer’s initiative to make a positive difference in society, even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. "The success of the campaign reinforces the commitment of employees and their families in a continuous action for a positive social transformation of the region. Hydro's contribution reinforces its commitment to society and partner institutions in this challenging moment", highlights Fadwa Andrade, Senior Manager for Social Responsibility at Hydro.

The president of APAE Barcarena, Socorro Martins, points out that the partnership with the program has brought positive results in several areas of the institution. "We are happy with this partnership, which benefits us in the physical, pedagogical and administrative areas and which only enhances our work. Volunteering is a great exchange. The doors of APAE are open to volunteers, who make the difference with their work", she says. In Vila Nova, the support of the volunteers extends to the training of the leaders. "They are contributing to the revitalization of the community center and this has opened the possibility for new partnerships in the community. Now, a team will help us to strengthen the board, teaching how to be a true leadership", emphasizes Rosenilda Santana, president of the Community Center.

Besides the direct benefits to the institutions and communities, there is also the satisfaction of the volunteers in helping the people of the municipalities. "I feel that with the dedication of part of my time and the application of my knowledge, I can contribute to the sustainability of the community in which I chose to live. In each action carried out, we take care of others, as well as the courage to face the challenges and the collaboration in the relationship between committee members," emphasizes Ericka Brito, a volunteer member of Mineração Paragominas’ Committee. Solange Santos, of Rio de Janeiro’s Committee, adds the development of skills as a positive impact of volunteering. "The participation in the program allowed me to develop the leadership and management profile, besides allowing me to better know the company's performance. I am very proud to be part of this project," she concludes.

Institutions supported by the campaign:

Barcarena/PA: Pastoral da Criança, Pastoral do Menor, APAE, ONG Prisma

Belém/PA: Lar Fabiano de Cristo, Solar do Acalanto, Associação Colorindo a Vida, Pará Solidário

Paragominas/PA: Projeto Juquinha, Projeto Menino Feliz

Rio de Janeiro/RJ: Harmonicanto, Rede Pró-Aprendiz, Ação Cidadania, Central Única das Favelas, Viva Rio

Volunteers in Action Program - The program is an initiative of Hydro and Albras’ employees, in which participants dedicate time, skills and resources to develop initiatives aligned with Hydro's social responsibility strategy and the local needs of the municipalities where the company operates. In 2019, the program carried out more than 30 actions in Pará and Rio de Janeiro, ranging from playful activities for children, environmental education in river and hillside clean-up and job and income generation, for example, which involved more than one thousand volunteers and benefited more than 23 thousand people.


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