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Hydro completed the last phase of the replacement of pipeline sections, scheduled for 2020, fulfilling the previously planned maintenance schedule. The structure transports bauxite pulp from Mineração Paragominas to Alunorte alumina refinery, in Barcarena. Over the last six months, preventive maintenance and replacement has been carried out on two stretches: one of 11 kilometers in Ipixuna do Pará and the other of 30 kilometers in Tomé-Açu.

The work was also carried out following all Covid-19 prevention protocols and without any recordable accidents. Through a partnership with the municipal social action secretariats, the project had about 60% of local labor.

In the next two months, the project's finalization phase will be carried out, with activities to recompose the area used for the replacement, drainage and plant recovery.

“A project of such size requires a complex level of planning to meet the deadline, with quality and safety for the environment and people. We overcome the challenges by maintaining preventive health and safety care, with even greater emphasis because we are in a pandemic scenario. We put Hydro's values into practice with care at all stages, collaboration between teams and courage to overcome challenges”, says Robson Holanda, Head of Projects in Bauxite and Alumina.

Operational safety - The replacement of sections of the pipeline is a periodic activity, carried out preventively to ensure the safety of operations and people. In addition to prioritizing the hiring of local labor, the company also prioritized suppliers in the region to purchase materials and hire services necessary for the activities.

In parallel with the strengthening of the local economy, the activity generated improvements for communities in infrastructure, with the recovery of bridges and roads in the areas surrounding the works. All the work was also carried out with teams, maintaining frequent and transparent dialogue with local community leaders.

Prevention of COVID-19 - With the pandemic, Hydro adopted the same protection measures applied to the units in the pipeline works, such as social distancing, carrying out Covid-19 detection tests on its own and contracted employees, frequent guidance on prevention, use mandatory masks and strict control of hygiene of equipment and professionals involved in activities, and medical support. Health guidelines were also shared with residents of the region through dialogues in the communities.


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