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Travessia Barcarena focuses on actions to prevent coronavirus

Program enabled the installation of sinks at the Barcarena Producer Fair and will take care information along with the 150,000 donated masks

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Mobile sinks are present at the Barcarena Producer Fair

The Hydro Sustainability Fund (FSH), through the Travessia Barcarena program, is supporting marketers and consumers at the Producer's Fair in the municipality with the installation of three mobile sinks for hand washing, as yet another measure to combat and prevent Covid- 19. The equipment also has signs with information on hygiene and prevention. The initiative is part of the communication and mobilization campaigns on risks in the Travessia Barcarena pandemic, in support of agricultural producers in Barcarena.

“Our goal was to support the most vulnerable communities to protect themselves from exposure and transmission of COVID-19, with this educational work to raise awareness about the importance of hand hygiene. Travessia Barcarena is the result of the articulation of the Hydro Sustainability Fund, together with multidisciplinary partners to help families and organizations in the Barcarena region, in this challenging moment of the pandemic ”, says Eduardo Figueiredo, director of FSH.

Enoque Oliveira Fonseca, a resident of the Ramal do Imbrasa community, adds that, “due to the lack of structure for hand hygiene and agricultural products, marketers took bottles of water to the Producer's Fair, in an attempt to maintain good hygiene practices”. He considers the initiative to install mobile sinks to be relevant, as part of the set of activities foreseen in Travessia Barcarena, to avoid contagion by coronavirus and other diseases.

Travessia Barcarena has a total investment of R $ 3.8 million. In addition to supporting farmers, the program is offering dozens of residents from different communities in Barcarena technical training for the production of non-medical face masks for protection against coronavirus. This initiative also supports the generation of income for these seamstresses, whose activities were hampered by the pandemic. Approximately 150,000 non-medical protective masks will be produced by sewing professionals linked to local associations in Barcarena by June 2021, masks that will be donated to local communities. The masks will be accompanied by information with hygiene care guidelines to prevent COVID-19.

About Travessia Barcarena

The Travessia Barcarena Project was articulated by the Hydro Sustainability Fund with financing partners, implementing partners and local partners and will last for 10 months. In addition to the distribution front of non-medical masks and income generation for dressmakers in the region and prevention of Covid-19, it is also working to support more than 90 farmers selected by the Ativa Barcarena project. The latter is a broader initiative by Hydro and will contribute with rural technical assistance for organizing agricultural production, implementing or improving production infrastructure, in addition to purchasing part of the agricultural production available in group cooperatives and donating these foods to communities social vulnerability in the municipality.

The financial contribution to Travessia Barcarena totals R $ 3.8 million - R $ 2.5 million will be invested by the Hydro Sustainability Fund and R $ 1.3 million via the PPA Solidarity Fund, formed by USAID partners, NPI Expand, Plataforma Parceiros pela Amazônia - PPA and SITAWI Finanças do Bem.

  About Hydro Sustainability Fund

It is a non-profit organization that promotes sustainable development and supports community-based projects and participatory dynamics. Established in 2019, the Hydro Sustainability Fund was born from a joint commitment by the companies Hydro, Albras and Alunorte to invest R $ 100 million to leverage initiatives and actions that contribute to the sustainable development of Barcarena (PA), over a period of 10 years . Investments in this territory are the starting point of FSH's trajectory.

The guidelines for investments made by the Hydro Sustainability Fund are defined in partnership with organized civil society, in participatory processes, and through open dialogues. In Barcarena, the first partnership is with the Sustainable Barcarena Initiative (IBS).

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