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Registration for the first call for the Hydro Sustainability Fund remains open until February 14, 2020. On January 31, interested parties had one more opportunity to clarify doubts about the notice, during the meeting held in Vila dos Cabanos, in Barcarena, Pará. It was the second question -naire offered to those interested in registering projects in the notice, which will voluntarily support non-governmental social projects aimed at sustainable development in the Barcarena region.

Throughout January, interested parties were also able to participate in project design workshops, offered by the Executive Secretariat of the Sustainable Barcarena Initiative, which also works on a Project Design Guide guide, as yet another way of ensuring knowledge for those interested building proposals to submit to the public notice.

“Whoever has knowledge, has power. If we, in Barcarena, had known before, how to develop a project, I am sure that we had not had so much trouble in life. So, now, knowing how to design a project, we are going to start walking on our own legs, ”said Cleide Monteiro, from São Joaquim Community, even after participating in the first workshop, earlier this month.

About the announcement - Interested parties can apply for one of the three financing lines of the first announcement of the Hydro Sustainability Fund: the promotion of work, employment and income and the environment; institutional strengthening of social associations and organizations; and projects for sporting or cultural events to be carried out by community institutions.

Proposals must provide for an execution time of three to twelve months and be sent until February 14, 2020, to the email Organizations based outside Barcarena will only be considered in the selection of the public notice if the objective of the project and its results are exclusively focused on the municipality, its communities, associations, institutions or economic agents.

The complete notice is available here .


The choice of projects will be made by a Selection Committee, formed by representatives of the fund, the financing companies and the local civil society to be chosen by the IBS working groups. The projects will be analyzed based on criteria of technical, economic, environmental and social relevance.

About the Hydro Sustainability Fund - The Fund was created by Hydro, Alunorte and Albras to manage financial investment, based on the guidelines and priorities defined under the Sustainable Barcarena Initiative (IBS) . The first notice has a total value of R $ 730 thousand. The Fund is the result of the investment commitment of R $ 100 million, over a ten-year period, assumed by the companies in April 2018.

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