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Hydro Alunorte starts the construction of the Barcarena’s Waste Sorting Facilities

The project will contribute to the management of solid waste in the municipality of Barcarena and is part of the Commitment Agreement signed by the company with the Government of the State of Pará

Projeto Unidade de Triagem  em Barcarena
The Waste Sorting Facilities will have the capacity to process up to 280 tons of recyclable waste per month

This November, Alunorte starts the works on the future Waste Sorting Facilities (WSU) in Barcarena, PA. The company will invest up to R$30 million in the implementation of the unit, as part of the Commitment Agreement signed by the alumina refinery with the Government of the State of Pará in 2018. Upon completion of the works, scheduled for August 2021, Alunorte will donate the unit to the competent public authority, which will be responsible for managing and maintaining the infrastructure. The Unit will contribute to the sustainable development of the municipality and will also reduce the disposal of waste in the garbage dump of the city, being one of the pillars of the Barcarena Sustentável Program. In addition, the project will collaborate with the Municipality's Solid Waste Plan, which provides for the installation of Waste Sorting Facilities.

The Sustentar Barcarena Program, an initiative of the companies Alunorte and Albras and the Barcarena Municipality, aims to support the management of solid waste in the municipality through training, cooperativism and environmental education for the local population, with a special focus on people who work as trash pickers in the municipal garbage dump. Through the program, these workers organized themselves into a cooperative in 2019 and, since then, they have received training and continue to prepare to operate the future screening unit.

The first stage of construction consists of the revitalization and adequacy works of the building purchased by Alunorte to install the WSU, located in Vila dos Cabanos. In addition to the civil works, the company will purchase and install all the equipment, furniture and materials necessary for the operation of the unit. The expectation is that during the works more than 100 jobs will be generated for the region.

“Alunorte and the other Hydro companies are committed to making a relevant contribution to local development and believe their activities should make a positive difference in the places where they operate. This Waste Sorting Facilities and the Sustentar Program are examples of how partnerships can generate social transformation. With this investment, we are contributing directly to the training and generation of work and income for about 100 families in situations of vulnerability, but also contributing to the entire population of the municipality through environmental education and solid waste recycling”, explained Luana Carvalhosa, senior manager of social investments at Hydro.

When ready, the Waste Sorting Facilities will process up to 280 tons of recyclable waste per month, including paper, plastic, glass and metal, coming from the selective collection to be carried out by the municipality. The WSU will have an Operational Area composed of a screening warehouse with automated conveyors, press sheds and materials storage, unloading area and maneuvering yard for trucks. There will also be a Utilities Area with a pump house and an Administrative Area with concierge, office, dressing rooms, kitchen, cafeteria, meeting and training room and living space for cooperative members. The structure will be accessible to people with disabilities.

The Barcarena’s WSU project considered the technical aspects and existing standards in screening units that are a reference in Brazil and is in line with the municipality's Urban Development Master Plan. The unit represents Alunorte's investment in solid waste management in Barcarena by promoting environmental education, the correct disposal of waste and, consequently, reducing the disposal of material in the city's dump. It is also another example of Hydro's efforts to support Private Social Investment in Pará and of its commitment to being a reliable partner for the communities neighboring its operations.


Elena Brito Pantoja

Elena Brito Pantoja

Communication and Public Affairs, Hydro Bauxite & Alumina

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