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The Pará School of Work and Production Project aims to strengthen technical professional training in the municipality of Barcarena and is in line with Hydro's Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, which is guided by the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals. Hydro remains committed to making a relevant contribution to the sustainable development of the communities in which it operates. The education and qualification of local professionals are important pillars for this development.  

Cleaning is the first in a series of preparatory activities for the school's work. This step is important because it allows safe access to the site and adequate working conditions for the teams. After this phase is completed, the next step will be the technical and structural evaluation of the existing buildings, where a specialized engineering company will point out the current conditions of the structures. The result of this analysis will guide the construction project team on what interventions will be necessary to complete the school and are essential for the preparation of a work schedule.  

In the execution phase, the work should cost up to R $ 25 million. The project should generate around 250 temporary job vacancies during construction, prioritizing the hiring of local suppliers and labor. After completion, the building will be donated to the Government of Pará, which will be responsible for the equipment, furniture, as well as for the management, operation and maintenance of the Barcarena School of Work and Production.

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