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Hydro takes yet another action to help in the fight against Covid-19 in the Brazilian cities where it operates. The Extruded Solutions area, responsible for the manufacture of aluminum products for use in civil construction and in the automotive and industrial sectors, will make donations to the cities of Itu and Utinga, in São Paulo, and Tubarão, in Santa Catarina. Over 500 baskets with food supplies, 4,600 hygiene kits and also medical equipment will be donated. These donations are the result of the ongoing dialogue that Hydro has maintained with local authorities in the search for the best way to join efforts to fight the virus.

To the city of Itu, 509 baskets with food supplies will be donated to the Social Fund of the City Hall. The donation will occur this Friday (17th). On April 24th, the city of Utinga will receive 4,600 hygiene kits with the items that are most demanded at the moment, such as soap, liquid detergent, bars of soap and bleach. To the city of Tubarão, in the southern region of the country, Hydro will donate two multiparameter monitors with capnography, contributing to the City’s Health Sector. These monitors are installed next to the hospital beds and perform analysis and observations on patients, monitoring several different parameters such as heart rate, pulse, among others. These monitors are expected to be delivered on June 1st.

The food baskets will be delivered directly to the City Halls, which will pass them on to the local population.

Other actions in the fight against Coronavirus - In late March, Hydro signed an agreement with the Government of Pará, which provides a donation of R$ 5 million to support the installation and maintenance of the new field hospitals, announced by the State as an emergency measure to combat the pandemic. There will be four new hospitals, which will represent 720 additional beds to the public health network and will be dedicated to patients with Covid-19. 

Hydro also announced the donation of 25,000 food baskets to the seven cities in Pará in the regions where Hydro is currently located. These same municipalities will also receive 5,000 test kits to detect the new Coronavirus.

On March 22nd, Hydro had already committed to supplying mineral water to the shelter created by the Government of Pará, at Mangueirão Stadium, destined to people in social vulnerability. The first donation was 51 thousand liters of mineral water.

Albras, a company that belongs to Hydro and NAAC, Nippon Amazon Aluminum Co., also made a donation to the City Hall of Barcarena, on the 27th of March, of the building where one of the former employee quarters operated, which has a total area of 3,789.00 m², with 36 apartments with individual bathrooms, as well as laundry rooms and cafeteria. A field hospital will be installed there in order to reinforce the temporary care of possible cases of contamination by Covid-19 in the region. The city administration will carry out adaptations to the building, as well as the installation of the necessary equipment for the hospital to function.

In addition, Hydro's Community Environmental Emergency Brigade started, on April 1st, the orientation work on actions to prevent and combat Covid-19, operating in nine communities in the municipality of Barcarena. The information is being provided through sound-equipped vehicles of the Brigade. Reinforcement with essential information seeks to minimize the risk of spreading the disease in the municipality.

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