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Hydro signed on July 13th, the Brazilian Business Sector Statement that expresses concern about Brazil's negative international perception of the environment and the Amazon. With this signature Hydro joins some 40 companies and business groups from the industrial, agricultural and service sectors, as well as organizations representing various segments, led by CEBDS - Brazilian Business Council for Sustainable Development.

The group of companies advocates a fight against illegal deforestation and a sustainable development agenda for Brazil. The document was addressed to the Executive, Legislative and Judiciary, to institutions such as the National Council of the Legal Amazon - headed by the Vice-President of the Republic, Hamilton Mourão -, the Supreme Court, the Federal Senate, the House of Representatives and the Attorney General's Office (PGR).

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Hydro works to create a more viable society by developing natural resources in products and solutions in an innovative and efficient way. We produce aluminium, a 100% renewable metal essential for the low carbon circular economy.

In the Amazon, operating in the state of Pará, we have developed a series of initiatives in favor of sustainable development, ranging from participation in the Brazil-Norway Biodiversity Research Consortium (BRC) in Paragominas, which began in 2013; to Alunorte's new industrial effluent treatment plant in Barcarena; to the technology used to treat our residue; and a number of other projects and partnerships, including one recently with the Federal University of Pará, for research on the feasibility of producing low carbon cement from bauxite residue.

These initiatives allied to monitoring, environmental control and impact management; and to social programs and projects and engagement with local communities; and actions on capacity building and employability of local population contribute to a responsible and increasingly sustainable operation in the Amazon region.

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