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On Friday (08), Hydro started cleaning the area where the future Peace Plant (UsiPaz) will be built in the Guamá neighborhood, in Belém (PA). The activities will be carried out on the 10,000 m² site, which is located on Avenida Bernardo Sayão, as part of the initial construction activities.

The construction of three UsiPaz in the neighborhoods Guamá, Jurunas and Terra Firme, in the capital of Pará is part of the cooperation agreement signed by Hydro with the Government of Pará , which aims to support social development in the region through the Territories for Peace (TerPaz) program . Under the agreement, Hydro will invest R $ 60 million in the construction and acquisition of equipment to the plants. They will have sports complexes; spaces for cultural activities, leisure and promotion of citizenship; rooms where the services of the government departments will be offered, facilitating the population's access; in addition to courses and events. When ready, the infrastructure will be donated by Hydro to the Government of Pará, which will be responsible for the implementation, management and maintenance of Usipaz.

In addition to Guamá, Hydro has already been operating in the areas where the company will build the other two infrastructures, promoting preliminary construction studies to identify the characteristics of the land. All activities are taking place in accordance with the health and hygiene protocols for the prevention of COVID-19.


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