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As part of its global strategy related to sustainability, quality and operational safety, Hydro has secured ASI (Aluminum Stewardship Initiative) certification in the Hydro Bauxite & Alumina area. At Alunorte, Barcarena and Mineração Paragominas, in Paragominas, the audits carried out kept the certification, achieved back in 2018.

ASI Certification has two global standard seals for the aluminum business. The Performance Standard seal verifies environmental, social and governance principles and criteria and the Chain of Custody seal, which assesses the stages of the supply chain.

The external audit of the certification assessed environmental, social and governance aspects of the business. At Mineração Paragominas, among other initiatives, the audit got to know the Tailings Dry Backfill methodology, which is in the testing phase and allows the return of bauxite residue — an inert material — to already mined areas, eliminating the need to build new dams. At Alunorte, among other initiatives, the audit assessed the work being carried out at the Solid Residue Deposit (DRS1), through alternatives for the rehabilitation of the area. In the corporate areas Hydro B&A and Commercial, all the requirements of the Performance Standard and Chain of Custody Standard were verified based on environmental, social, health, safety and governance principles and criteria.

The Aluminum Stewardship Initiative (ASI) is a non-profit global certification and standards-setting organization that brings together companies, users and all stakeholders in the aluminum value chain with a commitment to boost sustainability in the production process.


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