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Hydro and Albras started this Wednesday, the 10th, the delivery of five thousand test kits for the detection of the new coronavirus to seven municipalities in Pará, located in the regions where the companies operate. With this voluntary initiative, the companies reinforced their commitment with the state of Pará and the communities in these municipalities. The initiative aims to contribute to the health departments in the identification of cases of COVID-19 and in the assertive treatment of the disease.

The model of the quick test, donated by the companies, follows strict international standards, and is approved by the National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA). The test makes it possible to confirm whether the person has the active virus or has already been exposed to the virus and has antibodies in the organism.

Quick tests are also being offered to employees and contractors - who can participate voluntarily - in all Hydro units.

Support during the pandemic – In order to support the preventive efforts and the fight against COVID-19, Hydro has made two donations, with a total amount of BRL 10 million for the construction and maintenance of state field hospitals, with a total of 960 beds for the disease treatment.

For the municipalities where Hydro is present - Paragominas, Ipixuna do Pará, Tomé-Açu, Moju, Acará, Abaetetuba, and Barcarena - the company donated 25 thousand baskets with food supplies and hygiene items, purchased from local suppliers to help the local economy.

The company also donated healthcare equipment and materials to the municipalities of Barcarena and Paragominas, where the company’s largest operations in Brazil are located. These donations went to municipal hospitals, health units and field hospitals in both cities, adding up to more than 100 thousand items, such as hospital beds, pulse oximeters, infrared digital thermometers, gloves, masks, disposable caps, goggles, aprons, lab coats and overalls for biological protection.

To the City Hall of Barcarena, Albras, a company that belongs to Hydro and NAAC, Nippon Amazon Aluminum Co., also donated a building where one of the old employees' quarters operated, with 36 apartments with individual bathrooms, as well as a laundry area and cafeteria, where a field hospital was installed.

Hydro has also made donations to the cities of Itu and Utinga, in São Paulo, and Tubarão, in Santa Catarina, where its Extruded Solutions operations are located, responsible for the manufacture of aluminum products for use in civil construction and in the automotive and industrial sectors. More than 500 food baskets, 4,600 hygiene kits, and medical equipment have been donated.


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