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Over 200 youngsters join Alunorte and Albras’ Program for Young Apprentices

Opportunity combines theoretical training with practical experience in the companies

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In October, 202 young youngesters signed their apprenticeship contracts and began their activities at Alunorte and Albras, located in the municipality of Barcaren, Pará State. They participate in the Young Talent 2020 program, which offers the first opportunity in the labor and learning market for this public in the region. In the program, is offered external vocational training, together with the National Service of Industrial Learning (Senai) and internal training in the companies. Currently, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all the theoretical part is being taught online.

The opportunity to work in the industry and the benefits offered by the companies attracted Laryssa Queiroz, 19. She saw in the Young Talent selection the chance of a professional experience. "I always thought that working in Hydro's companies was a great opportunity for the young people of Barcarena. From the moment we entered Albras, we were able to realize its importance for the municipality. I'm ready to learn and I'm already enjoying the online classes of Senai", says Laryssa, which is a young apprentice in the area of Foundry, Expedition and Laboratory.

Rodrigo Gomes, 23 years old, started working as a young apprentice in the Reduction area, where the production of primary aluminum happens. He has a high school degree and has taken a professional course in Computer Science, but he is already going to enroll in the test for training in industrial automation by Senai. "I tried for two years to enter the company as a young apprentice. I did not give up. My objective is first to focus on acquiring more qualification on the industry to follow a career at Albras or Alunorte after the apprentice period ends", he comments.

For Alan Furtado, 23, a former young apprentice at Alunorte, the experience in the company was not limited to professional development. "The most important was to know Hydro's values that fit with what I believe, especially the value 'Care', he points out. He participated in Young Talent as administrative assistant in the area of Industrial Security. After a brief period hired by a service company of Alunorte, he is now occupying a temporary position in the Port Logistics Management. "I am already thinking about the specialization in supply chain or maritime planning", he says. Currently, he is taking a degree in Business Administration.

Program - Young Talent aims to contribute to the professional qualification of young people from the communities surrounding the units and over the years has been a gateway for new talent for the companies. Of the 202 young apprentices, 150 will be apprentices at Alunorte and 52 at Albras.


Elena Brito Pantoja

Elena Brito Pantoja

Communication and Public Affairs, Hydro Bauxite & Alumina

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