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The institutions and signatory companies of the Conduct Adjustment Commitment Term (TAC, in Portuguese), signed to investigate what happened due to the heavy rains in February 2018, in the municipality of Barcarena (PA), decided to pay the food cards to all family units registered for the third and final stage of receiving the benefit. The signatories agreed to cancel the face-to-face verification of information in the homes of the family units in order to respect the social isolation imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic and ensure the care of people. With this, all 4,847 family units that presented the required documentation will be entitled to the benefit.

The delivery of cards was considered a preliminary step of checking the informed addresses, when the researchers had to face-to-face interviews with representatives of the family units. The activity was being postponed in compliance with sanitary norms for the prevention of the pandemic. To avoid the need for further delays, the TAC signatories chose to consider all family units that had their documentation approved to receive food cards.

At this stage, three installments will be paid in the amount equivalent to 70% of the minimum wage for each family unit, which, in 2021, corresponds to BRL 770 per installment. The start of distribution of food cards is estimated for February 2022 due to the time needed to produce the cards and to mobilize the team for distribution. TAC signatories will disclose the form of distribution, once defined. The completion of the third phase will result in a total of BRL 68.6 million dedicated to the payment of food stamps distributed to 20,600 family units, in the sum of the three phases.

With this payment, Alunorte and Hydro will fully comply with one more item of the TAC and continue with the execution of the agreed commitments.

Accepted documents - To receive the food card, the representative of the family unit must present the original or certified copy of one of these documents:

  • Identity card issued by the Public Security Department of any state (UF), or by the Military Command, by the Former Military Ministry, by the Fire Department, by the Military Police, or by a supervisory body for the exercise of a profession regulated by law (OAB , CRM, CRBio, CREA etc);
  • Functional card issued by a public agency;
  • National Driver's License (CNH), even if expired, issued by the Traffic Department (Detran);
  • Brazilian passport, even if expired, issued by the Federal Police or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
  • Indigenous identity card; or
  • Work and Social Security Card.

In case of doubt, families can contact Hydro's “Canal Direto”, by calling 0800 721 07 94. The service is open 24 hours a day.

Other TAC items – In addition to food cards, as an emergency initiative, the TAC provides for technical studies, audits and a series of measures related to the safety of solid residue deposits, improvement of the production process and improvement and execution of the plan. company's emergency actions. TAC also agreed to pay BRL33.3 million in fines to the State Government.

The TAC also provides for the possibility of indemnification of family units, according to the results of the audits to be carried out.

The TAC is signed between the Ministério Público Federal (MPF), the Ministério Público do Pará (MPPA), the Pará State Government via the State Secretariat for Environment and Sustainability (Semas), Norsk Hydro and Alunorte. The execution of the commitments is monitored by a technical committee, formed by representatives of the institutions and companies that are signatories to the agreement; and a monitoring committee, which brings together representatives from civil society, the City of Barcarena and the Municipal Chemical Industry Workers Union (Sindquímicas) together with the signatories.

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