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At Hydro, participants in the “Volunteers in Action” program celebrate the results of the “It's time to collaborate” campaign. Between May and August, four tons of food were collected, used in the assembly of 1,088 basic food baskets. The campaign also received donations of 2,000 items of basic feminine hygiene and 150 packages of powdered milk and zero lactose.

The donations benefited more than 5,000 people in socially vulnerable situations. The collection was directed to organizations and communities already assisted by the “Voluntários em Ação” program or that work with this public. The campaign continues until December this year and involves Hydro's operations in Belém, Rio de Janeiro, Barcarena, Abaetetuba, Tomé-Açu and Paragominas. Anyone who wants to help can make cash donations through an online platform:: Voluntários em Ação

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