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Focused on modernization, new administrators take over hospital in Barcarena

Hospital São José will be renamed Centro Médico Adventista de Barcarena and, from May 3rd, will be administered by Hospital Adventista de Belém. The focus is on improving care

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As of this Monday (3rd), the Adventist Hospital of Belém (HAB) effectively assumes the management of Hospital São José, in Barcarena. The change in management, the result of a partnership signed at the beginning of the year with Albras and Hydro Alunorte, aims to ensure greater quality to the medical services offered to employees of companies, family members and the population in general.

With the arrival of the HAB, the health unit will be renamed the Centro Médico Adventista de Barcarena (CMAB). Users who used the services of Hospital São José will continue to have urgent and emergency care in a medical clinic and pediatrics 24 hours, in addition to diagnostics with a clinical laboratory and imaging center. Gradually, throughout the year, new services will be offered to users.

The new administrators have already entered into partnerships to maintain the current contracts of the health plan operators and have negotiated negotiations for the accreditation of new plans with the Barcarena unit. The intention is to maintain the medical assistance currently provided to the municipality's community.

One of the CMAB's immediate novelties is the implementation of humanization actions in accordance with the Manchester Protocol, characterized by an ethical posture in reception and in all recognition in the process of health and illness of a patient. In addition, the medical center is already qualified to keep patients under observation, whenever necessary, for a period of up to 24 hours, and should refer the most serious patients directly to admission to the Adventist Hospital of Belém or other services, when necessary.

Another front of the HAB's activities includes the implementation, in the coming months, of prevention and health promotion programs carried out with local communities in Barcarena.

The medical center already has observation beds in the emergency area adapted for transient care of patients with suspected Covid-19. Patients with more severe symptoms, such as breathing difficulties that require oxygenation, for example, will be referred as early as possible to the reference hospitals of each operator in Belém.

By the end of this year, CMAB will undergo expansion and modernization works. With the restructuring of the building, new medical equipment will be acquired to improve emergency care, as well as expanding the offer of medical specialty consultations and diagnostic tests, such as MRI, cardiology, endoscopy and colonoscopy, among others.

The renovation schedule, which started on March 5, foresees three distinct phases and will keep the emergency department working uninterruptedly, even during the reconstruction works of the new Medical Center. The main renovation phase is expected to last four months and includes the construction of a new unit for medical specialties and a new diagnostic center, scheduled to open in September 2021. The last area to be revitalized will be the emergency room. of emergencies, with the completion of the work planned for December 2021.

In January 2021, Albras and Hydro Alunorte signed a Term of Partnership for the Hospital Adventista de Belém to assume full responsibility for the health care provided by Hospital São José, in Barcarena. The assignment contract, on a lending basis (loan for use), aims to modernize management and facilitate access to medical care provided by this private health unit, which is a reference for the population of the city of Barcarena.

The definition by the new partner of Albras and Hydro Alunorte occurred as a result of a careful selection process carried out at the end of 2019, which involved five prestigious private health institutions from different regions of the country. The Adventist Hospital of Belém was the proponent who reached the highest technical score in the process.

The Adventist Hospital of Belém has more than six decades of existence, is a reference in the sector and recognized as one of the best private hospitals in the State. It is certified by the National Accreditation Organization as Excellence (ONA 3), the highest level within the national certification, which demonstrates the quality of management and the constant search for improvements.

It also has Qmentum Diamond International, considered one of the best international quality certification programs, which proves the use of the best practices used in more than 50 countries in the world.


Elena Brito Pantoja

Elena Brito Pantoja

Communication and Public Affairs, Hydro Bauxite & Alumina

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