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The artist Fábio Graf completed the graffiti painting on the wall of the future Barcarena Recyclable Material Sorting Unit, a project that is a commitment of Hydro Alunorte, undertaken with the City of Barcarena and the local waste pickers population. For his work, he was inspired by the resignification of materials after the recycling process. “In this work, I gave greater focus to the redefinition of the waste we generate and how it can be transformed, something that is necessary for the environment so that we can have a positive return to Mother Earth. I took a moment to elaborate my creative process a lot and thus capture the objective of this project”, he comments.

Fábio Graf works in various graffiti art collectives in Pará, in addition to giving workshops disseminating the technique in communities. In addition to the result of the operation of the first UT in the municipality, the artist sought to include the recyclable material collectors who will work in the project. “When I learned about the purpose of the sorting unit, and that 100 waste pickers will work in this space, I felt that my work contributes to the entire process in the municipality. And knowing that the project will bring dignity to their work, with adequate infrastructure and safety, also attaches importance to my art”, he adds.

The investment in the UT is around R$ 30 million and involves the construction and acquisition of all the infrastructure necessary for its operation, as part of the agreements signed in the Term of Commitment (TC), signed between Hydro, Alunorte and the Government do Pará, in 2018. Upon completion of the project, the company will donate the infrastructure to the competent government, which will be responsible for managing and maintaining the sorting unit. The UT will have the capacity to process up to 280 tons of recyclable materials per month, from selective collection that will be implemented by the City of Barcarena.

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