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Hydro and the Federal University of Pará (UFPA) signed a partnership amendment to continue studies on Ecotoxicology in the region of the alumina refinery, Alunorte. The new investment of R$ 1.89 million will guarantee the expansion of research to continue the analysis of the distribution of metals in the waters and sediments of Barcarena and Abaetetuba, with the possibility of associating them with ecotoxicological tests on fish. The Company monitors all stages of the studies that are scheduled to last two years
This initiative joins efforts to create more sustainable societies through innovative and efficient solutions.

From this addendum, scientific initiation, master's and doctoral scholarships will be made available, with the involvement of twelve professors, technicians and students, who will work in more field collections and material analysis, considering the local chemical and physical characteristics.

In the first phase of the studies, the research group obtained preliminary data and assessed that the concentrations of metals found in surface waters, sediments and aquatic organisms, as well as their seasonal variations, have a greater natural component than that of anthropogenic influence. In this second phase, complementary studies will be carried out that take into account the local chemical and physical characteristics, as well as the evaluation of the levels of sensitivity and tolerance of organisms residing in the region.

At the end of the new stage of studies, the researchers will provide a knowledge base to contribute to the creation of legal reference limits (baselines) compatible with the environmental reality of the region, aiming to support effective monitoring measures, whether by the industry or competent bodies.

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