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Hydro and Albras participate in a meeting of All for Work network

In the virtual event, companies from Barcarena got to know the initiatives of the program that intends to expand the development of solutions to generate employment and income in the municipality

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Companies from Barcarena got to know the initiatives of the Todos pelo Trabalho program

On Thursday (10), All for Work network held a virtual meeting of Hydro's partner companies to present the social program, which encourages the discussion of strategies and the promotion of solutions aimed at generating employment, work, and income in the municipality of Barcarena. The objective of the event is to engage new members of the network. Representatives from the City Hall, community leaders, organized civil society entities, and labor unions also participated in the event. From Hydro, representatives from the areas of HR, contract management, social responsibility and territorial development contributed to the debates. Hydro's Sustainability Fund was represented by executive director Eduardo Figueiredo.

This year, All for Work is planning more than 70 professional qualification courses, in partnership with SENAI. Since the program started in 2018, 139 people have completed various courses such as industrial electrician, quality management assistant, and maintenance mechanic. The SENAI courses have an workload of 160 hours, with the issue of the Brazilian Certificate of Occupations. For the training process, SENAC and Instituto Federal do Pará (IFPA) are also mobilized.

The professional qualification participants are nominated by the community itself. There is a lot of need for courses in the communities and the partnership we have with SENAI, Microlins, and other institutions through All for Work network has allowed many young people to be referred for courses, improving the employment condition of these people", highlighted Márcia Ferreira, from Caritas and Apae of Barcarena.

"At the beginning of the program, in 2018, Hydro started to receive high local demand regarding employment and income, mainly focusing on workforce development. Based on these manifestations, we prepared a diagnosis with 2,500 people and 13 local companies to start discussing solutions to this challenge in the municipality. Today, we see how All for Work has gained strength and has made a difference to the communities. We are proud to contribute to this success", said Milene Maués, Hydro's Partnership Manager.

Articulation of partnerships - Another action of the program is the technical support to the implementation of the All for Work Center and the dialogue for the proposal of a draft of the regulatory framework for employment, work and income in Barcarena. The conception of the Center, developed in the first stage of the program, points to the improvement of public instruments on this theme, in an integrated way and oriented to local and regional development.

Networking makes up one of the program's strategic pillars. The other three pillars are: Access to Work; Social Training and Professional Qualification; and Development and Implementation of Alternative Work and Income Strategies: Access to Work; Social Training and Professional Qualification; and Development and Implementation of Strategies for Work and Income Alternatives. In the Work and Income Alternatives pillars, one of the highlights is the project Travessia Barcarena, in which local seamstresses make individual protection masks to be donated to the population.

Created in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, this initiative aims to generate income and expand the supply of masks to the residents. 150,000 masks are being distributed in the communities, according to criteria of social vulnerability and higher incidence of infection in each region of Barcarena, according to data from the Municipal Health Secretary. The action involves about 90 seamstresses, through community associations mobilized by the network.

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External Press Officer

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