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Hydro joins the Brazilian Corporate Volunteer Council and reinforces its actions

The company is the 18th member of the entity that brings together corporate volunteering experiences. In 2021, Hydro has also been intensifying actions in the locations where it operates with a focus on fighting hunger

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Hydro is the newest member of the Brazilian Corporate Volunteer Council (CBVE), an entity with a plural, non-partisan and independent operation, which has been operating since 2008 as a network of convergence of large companies, confederations, institutes and business foundations in order to promote and develop volunteering in and outside the country, in addition to being a space for sharing and creating experiences.

“This is another great strategic step to share our Social Responsibility initiatives and how much we believe in how corporate volunteering can contribute to social transformation in the municipalities where we are present,” said Fadwa Mohamadieh, Senior Social Responsibility Manager at Hydro. The integration of Hydro to CBVE reinforces the work and experiences of volunteer actions already developed by the company, such as the current 'Volunteers in Action: it's time to collaborate' campaign, with a focus on fighting hunger and supporting populations in social vulnerability.

“Hydro now has access to a privileged forum for cooperative benchmarking, which has different channels of dialogue for building and sharing knowledge about corporate volunteering and its management tools”, guaranteed CBVE's executive secretary, Carolina Müller.

Volunteers engage to Collect Essential Items

The North region has the highest food insecurity in the country, its rate is twice that of Brazil, according to data from the Brazilian Network on Sovereignty and Food and Nutritional Security (Rede Passan). Seeking to support the company's mission, Hydro's volunteer program developed a major campaign, which is scheduled to end in December this year and operates on four collection fronts: non-perishable foods, feminine hygiene items, powdered milk for assisting breastfed or early weaning children; in addition to cash donations through an online platform. Volunteers in Action (

The items and amounts collected will be directed to 15 organizations already assisted by the company's Volunteers in Action program, which also work with populations in social vulnerability. Since the beginning of the campaign on May 10, Hydro has collected approximately 3,700 items, including food baskets, powdered milk and hygiene kits, at the Belém, Barcarena (Albras and Alunorte) and Paragominas (Mineração Paragominas) units. In Rio de Janeiro, Hydro started collecting on May 24th.

Committees – All actions of the Volunteers in Action program are carried out with the support of the Volunteer Committees, formed by employees of Hydro and Albras, contractors and their families in the cities of Belém, Rio de Janeiro, Barcarena and Paragominas. The coordination of activities has mobilized volunteers to assemble and distribute kits to be delivered to social organizations and/or socially vulnerable families.

In Press Porter Novelli

External Press Officer

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