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Carried out by Hydro and implemented by the Amazon Entrepreneurship Center, the Embarca Amazônia program is open for registration in entrepreneurial education actions aimed at young people between 18 and 29 years of age. In this year's edition, the program will operate in seven cities in Pará: Barcarena, Abaetetuba, Moju, Acará, Tomé-Açu, Paragominas and Ipixuna do Pará. in addition to availability of time and commitment to participate in the meetings (courses, workshops and events). Entries are made through the website

Embarca Amazônia is an entrepreneurship program for young people who want to learn how to create sustainable businesses that value the Amazon and all its riches. The project is an initiative of Hydro and carried out by the Amazon Entrepreneurship Center with the support of the Municipal Governments through the Municipal Departments of Industry, Commerce, Tourism, Agriculture, Environment, Culture, Sports and Leisure. Participation is free, with activities over a year. All measures to prevent and combat coronavirus, guided by local authorities, will be followed in the phases of the program.

The first phase “Awakening” is an immersive workshop for up to 150 people with dynamics on the challenges and opportunities of entrepreneurship in the Amazon, lasting up to 15 hours. The most outstanding participants go on to the second phase of “Ideation” of the business models. At this stage, with 15 to 30 young people from each municipality, teams will be formed to discuss the region's production chains and create a business model with a prototype. The third phase “Summit” will be an event to present the business to an audience made up of representatives of the region's entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem. They will be able to contribute with suggestions and implementation of the business. After the Summit, there is the Pre-Acceleration phase, when teams receive expert consultations that will help prepare them to get their ideas off the paper; and finally, Meetups are held, meetings that will allow participants to connect to a network of entrepreneurship and innovation in their municipality.

According to Domingos Campos, Sustainability Director at Hydro, Embarca Amazônia is one of the Company's initiatives to promote a positive social impact in its operating region, fostering and strengthening entrepreneurship among young people in local communities, in various stages of qualification. “We believe that our activities should make a difference for people, the environment and business. The expectation is that the program will facilitate the immersion of these young people in the social, economic, environmental, institutional / legal and ethnic-cultural dimensions of the Amazon, based on the productive chains of the forest, biodiversity, sustainable agriculture and the creative economy”, he says.

Amanda Pinheiro, a young woman from Barcarena, participated in the 2019/2020 edition of Embarca Amazônia. For her, the experience in the program allowed her to create a new worldview. “Today, I see myself as someone who thinks much more about having their own business and generating employment and income opportunities. The program allowed me to create connections that I never imagined, to be recognized in my city and to become a reference in what I do”, she says. Adrianne Oliveira, from Abaetetuba, adds that Embarca Amazônia is an excellent opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship. “It seems like a dream to meet so many cool, intelligent and encouraging people. What I experienced in the program meetings completely changed my outlook on the future”, she says. She also participated in the 2019/2020 edition.

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