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Albras donated used refractory bricks to the Municipality of Barcarena to be applied in the paving of the city's streets. Last year, approximately 500 tons of this waste were transferred to the Municipal Infrastructure and Urban Development, which contributed to bases and sub-bases of 30 kilometers of roads. The communities benefiting from the paving services were Laranjal, Vila dos Cabanos, Pioneiro and Estrada do Caripi.

“Albras' inert material is being used extensively by the City of Barcarena as a base for repairing holes and in rebuilding asphalt bases. It is a material with high mechanical support capacity and the work we have done with it, in the winter period, has given very good results. In other words, it is guaranteeing an excellent job”, says Alexandre Batella, municipal secretary for Infrastructure and Urban Development.

Inert material is a type of waste that, due to its characteristics and physicochemical composition, does not undergo major physical, chemical or biological changes, remaining unaltered for a long period of time. Furthermore, it maintains its resistance to high temperatures.

At the company, this material is identified and stored in an environmentally suitable space for further donation and reuse. Before being used for paving, a study was carried out by the Federal University of Pará (UFPA), which confirms the inert nature of the waste donated to the Municipality of Barcarena. Albras also follows all the recommendations of Conama Resolution nº 13 on waste inventory.

“Over its 35 years, Albras has contributed to the development of the municipality of Barcarena. The issue of urban infrastructure in a city is important for improving the quality of life of the population”, says João Batista Menezes, president of Albras.

“For this reason, we analyzed what we have in the primary metal production process in our factory that can be reused in works and services carried out by the City Hall. With this, we reinforce our partnership for a more sustainable future in the region”, completes the Albras executive.

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