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Mineração Paragominas begins work to replace sections of the pipeline in Paragominas

Periodic maintenance is carried out to ensure operational safety. 42 kilometers of piping will be replaced by December this year

Mineração Paragominas is starting work on replacing two sections of the pipeline that takes bauxite from the mine to the Alunorte refinery, in Barcarena. The two fronts of works are taking place in parallel, one of 33 kilometers, covering the municipalities of Abaetetuba and Barcarena, and another of 9 kilometers, in the municipality of Ipixuna do Pará, totaling 42 kilometers that will be replaced, out of the total 244 kilometers of the pipeline. This replacement is part of the periodic maintenance of the pipeline and guarantees the safety of operations, the environment and people. The works started in April and will occur until December this year and maintain all accesses and trafficable roads, with no need for interdictions on any section.

“The definition of the schedule took into account international safety standards and the so-called 'dry period' in the Amazon region, which allows for greater flexibility and safety in the execution of the steps. Maintenance works are periodic and previously defined to ensure the safety of operations and people, as well as the conservation of the environment. In addition to the series of health and safety actions already adopted as standard in Hydro's projects and operations at all units, the reinforcements adopted by the company due to Covid-19 prevention will also be strictly adopted”, says Evilmar Fonseca, industrial director of the Mining Paragominas.

Among Covid-19's prevention actions, we highlight the care taken with protection measures for employees, own and contractors, and communities. Strict protocols are maintained from hiring professionals, transporting to the construction site and feeding in the field, maintaining permanent guidance on preventive care that must be followed inside and outside the work environment, to the performance of periodic tests, mandatory use of masks and permanent availability of alcohol gel for sanitizing.

The replacement of the sections will have around 800 professionals, including direct and indirect employees. Priority will be given to hiring local labor and residents of municipalities close to the project, as well as hiring services and materials. Vacancies will be offered primarily through the National Employment System (Sine) or through the Municipal Secretariat for Social Action, when there is no Sine in the region. In addition to generating jobs and moving the local economy, we have a team in the field promoting permanent dialogues with the communities for support and clarification actions on the ore pipeline works.


Professional Training Program

In line with Hydro's strategy of making a positive contribution to the communities surrounding its activities, the company is promoting the Professional Training Program in partnership with the National Service for Industrial Learning (Senai, in Portuguese).

In 2021, the program will result in the free training of around 90 students from the municipalities of Abaetetuba and Ipixuna do Pará. From Abaetetuba, there are 40 students from the communities Nossa Senhora das Graças, Itacupé, Sucupira and Nova Colônia, who are taking the welder courses and sander. For residents of the Canaã community, in Ipixuna do Pará, there are 50 students for training courses for welders, sanders and electricians. The training takes about three months and guarantees certification by Senai, recognized throughout the country.

In total, over the next few years, there will be 230 vacancies in 18 classes in 4 (four) free training courses aimed at residents of 11 (eleven) communities close to the pipeline and transmission line in the municipalities of Abaetetuba, Ipixuna do Pará, Acará, Moju and Tomé-Açu.

In Press Porter Novelli

External Press Officer

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