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The Território do Saber Program, a partnership between Hydro Paragominas and the Paragominas’ Secretariat of Education, is promoting an online seminar aimed at training professionals in the public education network, throughout the months of September and October. On September 16, the opening of the seminar was held with the theme “Formative Assessment and Good Questions: reflective practices”. Led by Professor Soraia Campos, Master in Education from Unicamp, education professionals had the opportunity to discuss topics such as moral psychology and reflect on the challenges of the methodology for evaluating students in times of pandemic.

The opening of the event was attended by the Secretary of Education of Paragominas, Andréia Sampaio, who highlighted the importance of this initiative: “It is with great pleasure that the Secretariat of Education of Paragominas, once again, in partnership with Hydro, promotes a event for the improvement of professionals in the public network in our city. With the support of Evoluir, throughout the pandemic, and now in the return to the face-to-face model, we will be better prepared to receive our students safely”.

By encouraging the qualification of education professionals, the company contributes to the formation of a generation of children, young people and adults who are more capable and qualified for the future. “Acting responsibly is part of Hydro's DNA. At every opportunity, we have reinforced our commitment to supporting local education. We are aware of the importance of working together with the Secretariat of Education of Paragominas for the development of the region as a whole”, explains Domingos Campos, Sustainability Director at Hydro.


The next meetings will be held on September 23rd and 30th and October 7th, always from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm, through the Zoom platform. On September 23, the online class will address the topic “Emergency pedagogy and welcoming when returning to in-person classes”, which will be taught by Reinaldo Nascimento. The other seminars will address topics such as neuroscience, emotional literacy and organization for the return of in-person classes.


Also as part of the program, 308 professionals, selected in May, are participating in a training cycle with free online courses, with certification recognized by the Ministry of Education (MEC). These are courses for Improvement in Early Childhood Education, Improvement in Integral Education and School in the 21st Century, Improvement in Special Education, Open Course in Leadership Training and Change Management, Specialization in Youth and Adult Education, Specialization in Portuguese Language Teaching and Specialization in Mathematics Teaching. Courses are expected to be completed in the first half of 2022.


Fertile territory for education

Território do Saber is an initiative of Hydro Paragominas, in partnership with the Municipal Education Department of Paragominas (Semec) with a focus on training educators. The program is run by the company Evoluir and offers courses for the improvement and specialization of teachers with the issuance of a certificate recognized by the Ministry of Education (MEC), in addition to pedagogical follow-up to schools, support for the management of the teaching network and literacy training for young people and adults.

The program is structured on three interdependent pillars, which seek to promote changes in individuals and their interrelationships for a better school climate; and incentives for collaboration, teamwork and innovations in the use of teaching and learning methodologies. The initiative is directly linked to the UN's 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which aims to ensure that all human beings can fulfill their potential in dignity and equality, in a healthy environment.

In 2020, more than 500 professionals from the municipal education network in Paragominas participated in the actions of the Território do Saber. Despite the social distance necessary for prevention to Covid-19, Hydro maintained its partnership with Semec and adapted the training actions to the virtual format. Território do Saber is a contribution to personal development and to the process of strengthening education in the municipality.

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