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Prevention of COVID-19 extends temporary suspension of the third phase of verification of the food card

By mutual agreement, the Public Prosecutor's Office, SEMAS and Alunorte extend the suspension of address verification activities to verify food card eligibility due to Covid-19

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic scenario, due to measures to prevent and combat the proliferation of the new coronavirus, the Public Prosecutor's Office, SEMAS and Alunorte, by mutual agreement, decided to temporarily suspend the verification work in the homes of approximately four thousand families.

The scenario has been periodically assessed. In the last discussion on the topic, a new analysis was defined in February 2021 to decide on the best time to resume activities.

Verification will have to be done from house to house

In order to be able to assess and identify families potentially eligible for the third phase of food cards, on-site verification is necessary, with a door-to-door visit, conversations with residents, research and documentation analysis, which will be carried out by the company Praxis contracted.

The families that will have their addresses verified have requested access to the temporary food card benefit through attendance and delivery of documentation at mobile registration points.

Alunorte has already paid the amount referring to the food card for more than 15 thousand families, in two stages, carried out in 2018 and 2019. The action is part of the Conduct Adjustment Term (TAC) signed in September 2018 by Alunorte and Hydro with the Federal Public Ministry, the Public Ministry of the State of Pará and the State Government.

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