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Believing that research and innovation are fundamental paths to sustainability, Hydro forms partnerships with universities and supports lines of research aimed at the sustainable development of its operations and the regions where it operates. One of these projects had a great recognition recently and was published in the “International Journal of Odonatology”, one of the most renowned publications in the segment.

The article “Environmental impacts from human activities affect the diversity of the Odonata (Insecta) in the Eastern Amazon", shows the study that seeks to indicate the influence of land changes for anthropic purposes (urbanization and industrialization) on a local and regional scale about the diversity of Odonata (insects known as dragonflies) in streams in the municipality of Barcarena, Pará. Hydro Alunorte financed all the logistics of one of the projects that are part of this research, and scholarships for the students and researchers involved of the Federal University of Pará.

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