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A long-term commitment and three strategies to effectively contribute to improving the quality of education in Paragominas. This is the Território do Saber program, carried out by Hydro, in partnership with the Municipal Department of Education of Paragominas (SEMEC, in Portuguese) and carried out by Evoluir, which involves training educators in innovative pedagogical practices, pedagogical monitoring in schools and the literacy of young people, adults and the elderly (AJAI, in Portuguese). Classes for AJAI classes are held at Hilda de Sá School, Sônia Terzella School, Reginaldo Souza Lima School, Uraim Community School and at Coopercamare Recycling Cooperative. The goal is to train around 40 students by the end of the first semester of 2022.

“Território do Saber is a program that contributes to improving the quality of education in Paragominas, strengthening educational practices that are integrated with the needs of the 21st century”, highlights Evoluir's coordinator, Bárbara Dias. "This literacy front for Youth, Adults and Elderly, which would start in March 2020, was until then paused due to social distancing, but now, with the advance of vaccination and the return of in-person classes in the municipal network, the students have been invited to start the course”, he reveals.

To receive literacy students, the schools promoted, in November, welcome events with the presence of teachers, managers and leaders from SEMEC. The first classes were full of emotion and enthusiasm, with the prospect of achieving new achievements and seeking a more prosperous future. “I always imagined what it would be like to sit in a school chair,” said Francisco da Silva, now a student in the Território do Saber literacy class at Hilda de Sá school.

At Coopercamare, Mrs. Ivanilde Soares dos Santos, president of the cooperative, is also moved: “We are in full swing! Everyone is feeling fine, each one with their little backpack, the frame is already installed here… it's just a good thing!”, she says.

After passing through the literacy class of the Território do Saber, the expectation is that the participating students will follow their school trajectories in EJA (Youth and Adult Education). For this, the program team works in partnership with SEMEC and municipal schools.

"In addition to its characteristic of serious and lasting commitment to education, the program's great differential is that it is not limited to strengthening innovative learning concepts in follow-up and specialization courses, but also provides close pedagogical follow-up, which ensures that the theory actually translates into efficient practices in the classroom”, concludes Bárbara.

About the Território do Saber Program

The Território do Saber Program was launched in 2019 to enhance the quality of education in Paragominas, promoting teacher training, pedagogical monitoring of schools, support for the management of the Municipal Education Secretariat (SEMEC) and literacy training for young people, adults and the elderly. Its content was collectively defined between Hydro, SEMEC, Evoluir and users of the school system, precisely so that it was effectively connected to the municipality's educational demands, making it possible to identify its conceptual bases. More than 650 educators from schools in the urban, rural and indigenous areas of Paragominas have already participated in the program's courses and workshops. There are three interdependent pillars, which seek to promote changes in individuals and their interrelationships for a better school climate; and incentives for collaboration, teamwork and innovations in the use of teaching and learning methodologies. The program is directly linked to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development of the United Nations (UN), which aims to ensure that all human beings can fulfill their potential in dignity and equality, in a healthy environment.

Teacher training includes Enhancement in Early Childhood Education, Enhancement in Integral Education and School in the 21st Century, Enhancement in Special Education, Open Course in Leadership Training and Change Management, Specialization in Youth and Adult Education, Specialization in Language Teaching Portuguese and Specialization in Mathematics Teaching. All syllabus is aligned with the Common National Curriculum Base (BNCC, in Portuguese) and the activities are free of charge. With an estimated duration of five years, it covers the entire region of Paragominas, including schools in the urban, rural and indigenous areas.

About Hydro

Hydro is an aluminium company that is present in all market segments. From bauxite mining, through alumina refining, to the production of primary aluminium, rolled products, extruded products, recycling and power generation, to be the only 360° company in the global aluminium industry. In Paragominas and Porto Trombetas we find Hydro's main source of aluminium raw material, bauxite. At Barcarena, we refine bauxite to obtain alumina (aluminium oxide), at Alunorte. We also produce primary aluminium in our Albras joint venture. Following the value chain, we also have extrusion plants in the states of São Paulo and Santa Catarina. To find out more:

About Evoluir

Evoluir is an educational company with a strong social purpose. With over 23 years of experience, he is a specialist in the design and execution of projects in education, culture and the environment. Advises public and private organizations in their social investments, safely and efficiently. It operates in all regions of Brazil through direct investment, public notices and incentive laws at the federal, state and municipal levels. It has four business areas - Educational Projects, Continuing Education, Educational Events and Editora Evoluir - which have already benefited more than 500 thousand people through partnerships with the government and private initiative.

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