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Tipitix Project opens selection for technical assistance to entrepreneurs in Barcarena

The 2nd Business Development Cycle will be held for four months

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Applications for the 2nd Cycle until November 5th

Registrations for the 2nd Business Development Cycle of the Tipitix - Agrifood Community Entrepreneurship project are open until November 5th. The project will offer a set of services and solutions for ten entrepreneurs in Barcarena, individually or in groups. Interested parties must register through the project's WhatsApp number: (91) 9911 98326. Carried out by the Hydro Sustainability Fund and the Mitsui Bussan do Brasil Foundation, with execution by the Peabiru Institute, Tipitix has the mission of enabling the creation and development of new community-based agri-food businesses in the municipality, promoting the dissemination of the territory's entrepreneurial and innovative culture.

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The result of the call for the cycle will be released between November 19th and December 3rd. The ten selected will receive technical assistance support in adapting their business model; infrastructure for processing its production; design, credit and commercial advice to place the product or service on the market; as well as administrative and accounting support for the procedures related to the formalization and management of the business. The cycle will last for four months.

“Through the partnership between the Hydro Sustainability Fund and the Mitsui Bussan do Brasil Foundation, we are contributing to the generation of value and the creation of new businesses linked to community-based agrifood chains, improving their organization, production and marketing. Therefore, it is essential that the proposals submitted for the cycle include more beneficiaries directly involved. It is also important that the proposals clearly demonstrate how Tipitix can support your initiative and how the project can contribute to the proposal”, explains Eduardo Figueiredo, executive director of the Hydro Sustainability Fund.

Producers or members of groups of family farming producers who want to benefit from their production can participate in the cycle; entrepreneurs linked to the world of family farming, and who would like to have different solutions to better reach the market; individuals, groups or community organizations with a business idea capable of contributing to family farming, and who need support for its development; individuals, groups or community organizations that already have a product or service that is important to the family farming value chain and that need advice to grow and strengthen.

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External Press Officer

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