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5th edition of the Gastronomia do Amanhã project opens free registration

This year, six communities in the municipalities of Barcarena and Abaetetuba will be served. Initiative is sponsored by Albras

The “Gastronomia do Amanhã” project, which trains people in situations of social vulnerability with cooking and entrepreneurship workshops, reaches its 5th edition, sponsored by Albras. This year, the municipalities of Barcarena and Abaetetuba will receive the courses. Registration will start this Tuesday, 11th, and will follow the calendar according to each community. Classes will start on January 24th in the first locations.

The schedule has five days of workshops, four of which are theoretical and practical classes and, on the fifth and final day, the result of this entire process will be shared with the public in a gastronomic exhibition, with the delivery of certificates.

Albras sponsors this edition of “Gastronomia do Amanhã” with the aim of valuing the culture and regional vocation for gastronomy. It is also an opportunity to encourage income generation, autonomy and financial independence for local residents.


Registration will be carried out according to the action in each location. The 30 vacancies in each class must be filled through a form that will be available in an environment of easy circulation in the communities or through the social media of the project @gastronomiadoamanha.

Enrollment will begin in Barcarena, in Vila Nova, Itupanema and Vila do Conde, from January 11th to 14th; in Laranjal from 17th to 21st; and in San Francisco from the 19th to the 23rd of the same month. In Abaetetuba, this stage will take place from January 24th to 28th, in Vila de Beja.


The 30 students per class will have an intense week of learning with chefs. Participants will learn about various subjects related to cooking, such as the development of a technical sheet for food, technique of kitchen bases, food safety, the notion of product marketing and entrepreneurship.

Chef Verena Aquino, technical coordinator of the project, tells about the experience of helping people in this learning process to see gastronomy as a source of income.

“We organize everything so that students feel safe and motivated to continue cooking after the course is over. The language and classes are appropriate within what participants encounter on a daily basis. At the end of classes, we have already had cases of students who set up their own restaurants and now have their own income”, concludes Verena.

The entire course will be carried out adopting health and safety protocols due to covid-19, such as the use of masks and the use of gel alcohol. For more information, you can access the project's social networks or call (91) 98391-4039.

“Gastronomia do Amanhã” is a production by Embrasesc, sponsored by Albras, through the Culture Incentive Law of the Special Secretariat for Culture and the Ministry of Tourism.


Registration for “Gastronomia do Amanhã” 2022

Where: Barcarena and Abaetetuba

When: Starting in January 11th

Information: (91) 98391-4039.

In Press Porter Novelli

External Press Officer

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